Lost or Stolen Social Security Health Cards

When you register for Spain’s Social Security Health facilities, you will be given a Health Card. This card is very important, because it will enable you to be identified by Andalusia’s Public Health System. It also provides access to electronic medical records, enabling you to obtain drugs from a pharmacy. So, what happens if your card is lost or stolen?

The information below will help you arrange for a new card if it is lost, stolen or damaged. It will also be useful if the information on your card has changed.

To apply for a new card if lost, stolen or damaged

You will need to complete the relevant application form on-line at  ClicSalud + and present a current ID. (This website is in Spanish instructions below. You may be able to right click anywhere on the web page and translate for each page)

  • Click TRAMITES

Here is where you have to enter your card number (NUMERO TARJETA SANITARIA) and your date of birth (Nacimiento).

  • Then click ACCEDER

You will then need to click the reason for the renewal – ie. Loss, Theft, Deterioration (PÉRDIDA, ROBO, DETERIORO). Check that your address is correct, as the card will be sent by mail to the address on the database.

Finally, you will be asked to confirm the request. Once you have done this, the old card will be cancelled. But don’t worry. You can still use the health services with your identification document.

We recommend you print a receipt of the new card request.

If you haven’t taken a copy of your lost card and you don’t know the number, you will need to follow these instructions.

  • Click NO RECUERDO EL NUMERO DE LA TARJETA and complete the details, choosing from the drop down menu.

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