La Sala collaboration with chef Aitor Perurena

La Sala will be collaborating with Chef Aitor Perurena to promote Spanish cuisine. This follows a successful collaboration with the La Sala in the Sky project this summer.

Aitor was the perfect choice to collaborate with a number of upcoming unique events to promote famous Spanish dishes of Spain.

During these events Estudio Gastronómico will be preparing a variety of exciting national delicacies promoting the different and varied gastronomic regions of Spain. As well as designing a menu based on local dishes from each province, the exquisite dishes will be paired with regional wines and Cavas including the famed Marqués de Riscal wines.

These themed events will be served in the newly reformed La Sala Live Lounge and will showcase the best musicians from around Spain. Dates for these sought after events will be released over the coming weeks as demand is anticipated to be high within the diverse Marbella International clientele. Aitor’s artistic, and exquisite cuisine is a well-known pleasure amongst Marbella and can be shared at his own culinary school called Estudio Gastrónomico.

Described by international media as the “hottest table in town”, La Sala continues to improve and grow as the group announced a surprise reformation and brand new areas, new look and fresh entertainment acts. The celebrity haunt will also present one-off selected events throughout next year, including these special events created with Estudio Gastronómico.

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