La Feria de los Pueblos

Right now we are in the middle of Marbella’s San Bernabé feria, so our thoughts turn to the many and varied ferias which take place in Southern Spain.

If you are looking for that magical ‘feria experience’ it is not always necessary to travel to the famous, well loved and extremely well attended extravaganzas…such as Sevilla’s April fair, Cordoba’s patio festival and Jerez’ horse fair. Sometimes equally excellent events are found in the most unexpected places…such as the local tourist town of Fuengirola which, every spring, hosts the “Feria de los Pueblos” (World People’s Fair).


Fuengirola is home to around 130 different nationalities. The “Feria de los Pueblos” came about as a result of this cultural melting pot. This is a wonderful event that brings together the cultures and traditions of over 40 countries.


It is held in the main fairground and lasts for five days. In just one day, you can visit all the participating countries and regions – or at least a microcosm of each one, since they are represented in full colour, flavour and sound.


Each country is allocated its own ‘caseta’ (purpose-built stand) featuring it’s gastronomy, art and folklore. Some of the countries represented are Paraguay, Holland, Germany, Algeria, Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Columbia, Cuba, India, Ireland, Italy, Greece, Morocco, México, Norway, Palestine, Peru, Sweden, Uruguay, Venezuela, and Vietnam.


The different autonomous regions of Spain are well represented by Galicia, Asturias, Melilla and of course, Andalucia. Over the past 10 years this annual celebration has grown and become increasingly popular with local residents and visitors alike. From mini German beer festivals, to Irish dancing shows and Cuban rhythmic music and dance, there is something for everyone to enjoy…



…not so young…


…something for the boys…


…and (for once !) something for the girls….


…and even something for your intrepid photographer !


There are also attractions for children, an international trade fair, open-air exhibitions and live performances.


This is a great opportunity to have fun; buy interesting handcrafts, clothes, foods and gifts; enjoy great entertainment and have the opportunity to travel “around the world in five days” !


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Post and images by photographer Derek Evans

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