Interview with Maureen & Laurence of the Benezra Gallery were delighted to be invited by Maureen and Laurence Benezra to their newly opened gallery in Benahavis. It’s a modern gallery, located in a quiet residential area on the La Quinta Golf urbanization. The courtyard is a tranquil setting, complete with orange trees and a relaxing water feature.

The gallery is a bright and contemporary space housing an eclectic art collection of outstanding quality. We were given a very warm welcome by Maureen and Laurence. And we were delighted to see the care and attention given to the placement of every painting and sculpture.

Laurence Benezra provides a private and discreet service to clients from all over the globe. His knowledge and experience in the world of art and design spans more than 35 years. Maureen draws on her design and interior background, offering insider access to some of the best international and emerging contemporary artists and designers.

Their opening collection comprises eight contemporary artists:

The first painting we saw was a stunning work by Alicia Czerniak. It literally bursts out of the canvas and we were amazed by the simplicity of the brush work and the dynamic use of colour.


Marife Nuñez draws you into her art with the use of photography and paint. The result is stunning and colourful. It asks to be touched. The longer we looked, the more we found hidden within these canvases.



Maureen then told us about Sara Fitzgerald. “Sara is a very spiritual artist. This particular piece is called “‘Orbs in the Garden” and she is showing us what she sees through her camera lens. She has used pigments of gold and silver paint from Morocco and when you look at the painting in different lights, the colours change.”

We were fascinated by the artist painting what only she could see. Laurence told us “When she started to see the orbs, she really felt she had to do something with them. And if you look closely, you will see something different inside each orb.” We agree! The more you look at this painting, the more you see.


It’s paintings like this that makes the Benezra Gallery special. You can enjoy some beautiful art here and you will also be guided by people who really know about the art and the artists.

Our eyes were then drawn to a beautiful sculpture by Isabel Coulton. Her mother Lydia Corbett was once Pablo Picasso’s muse. Laurence told us “Her “Taureau” sculpture was inspired by the pure muscle and strength of the Spanish fighting bulls. The piece is hand crafted by highly skilled local British artisans and craftsmen in bronze and it is a limited edition – only 100 were produced.


Harry Holland’s distinctive style is immediately recognizable. There are three originals on display and the gallery is also offering prints. The idea is that the art is accessible to all. They are though limited, numbered and certified prints. You can purchase them framed or unframed.




Maureen then told us “We were lucky enough to meet Pasale Fey when we did an exhibition in Portugal a few years ago. Her father grew up in Belgium, where all the men wore hats. He had a name for all the guys who looked the same, saying “there goes another George”. This stuck with Pascale and she called her avatar Georges, a character clad in a grey coat and a hat, turning his back on us. Her canvasses are covered with black paint giving the impression of life emerging from darkness. Pascale admits that her art is therapy for her. Georges allows her to express what she wouldn’t be able to do any other way.”


“Michelle Rose Key’s paintings have a soft, fluid and feminine feel.”

“Diego Farneti successfully traded convertibles at Deutsche Bank, but he resigned and became the artist he always wanted to be. Diego hand cuts the intricate stencils for his screen prints, over which he applies dripped and sprayed paint, marker pen and tea to create one off pieces inspired by the world of money.”



On either side of the pillars, there are limited edition prints with real diamond dust – part of their own collection and available to purchase framed.

Kathrina Rupit is an artist we have seen many times here in Marbella. She is an urban artist with a deep admiration for female figures. Her paintings are vibrant with her use of spray paints, newspaper collage, cardboard and even door parts. Her work is tied to her Mexican roots and it is bold and seductive.




Dom Pattinson really needs no introduction, having had sell out collections in London and New York Art Fairs. He is also regarded as an urban artist with a very raw style. What makes his work so sought after is that, while each subject can relate to everyone, his style reaches you individually. Therefore, when you look at the painting, your own response to his views is what excites the viewer.


Benezra Gallery is a wonderful new addition to the Marbella scene. We would certainly recommend you pay them a visit.

Benezra Gallery
Av. Tomás Pascual 6
The Courtyard 4 & 5
Urb. La Quinta Golf

Open : Monday – Friday 10.00 – 16.00. Saturdays by appointment.

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