Imperial Stormtroopers march through Marbella

Saturday evening in Marbella seemed a little surreal as we watched the 501st Spanish Garrison of Imperial Stormtroopers march through the streets to tremendous acclaim. was of course there to find out what was going on and bring you the images.

They started their march in the old town, crossed the Avenida Ricardo Soriano (passing basketball matches taking place on the main road next to the Parque de Alameda), headed south down Avenida Miguel Cano and ended up by the La Mafia Restaurant in Avenida Antonio Belón for a photocall with Star Wars fans.

Jornada Galactica (13)

Jornada Galactica (55)

The Stormtroopers, who were happy to interact with the crowd along the way, encountered lots of young Star Wars fans who had come armed with swords and lightsabers. They were accompanied by Darth Vader, Jawa (with his seriously scary shinng eyes), a Tusken Raider, Imperial Royal Guards and many others.

Jornada Galactica (46)

Jornada Galactica (5)

So, what were they doing in Marbella?

Well, the 501st Spanish Garrison is a costuming club, who love to dress up in Star Wars costumes to promote the films and raise money for charity. This particular parade was to support two local charites – Debra and C.A.D.I.

The Garrison is commonly known as “bad guys doing good things” and with very good reason. Virtually everything they do is focused on helping the most needy children. They say “whenever we can help improve their quality of life and bring a smile where there is difficulty, it fills us with satisfaction”.

Jornada Galactica (28)

Jornada Galactica (64)

This really is a club born from the need to enjoy Star Wars and do good. We encourage all you fans to join or collaborate with this wonderful club. The 501st Spanish Garrison certainly managed to bring smiles to Marbellis on Saturday.

Jornada Galactica (21)

Jornada Galactica (72)

Click here for information about the 501st Spanish Garrison 

And may the force be with you!!!

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