How to Start Your Own Coffee Shop in California?

How to Start Your Own Coffee Shop in California?

Everyone who loves coffee has had a thought of starting their own coffee shop at some point of time in life. Yes, it’s not just you. But you can actualize your dream and start your coffee shop in california. Honestly, starting a coffee shop is not very confusing, all you need is a plan and a good lawyer who can help you in getting all the legal documents and licenses from registering your business to California seller’s permit.

Plan Your Business

First step to starting any business is planning. Coffee shops are no exception. From deciding if you want to start a new business or buy a franchise to planning the services you shall be providing, everything needs to be covered beforehand. 

Type of Business You Want

This may not be something you are already expert in but it is important to decide if you want sole proprietorship, partnership, LLC, or c-corp. We suggest talking to a lawyer about this rather than deciding without any prior knowledge. The type of business you choose will undoubtedly have an impact on the tax and legal status of your business. 

Services and Pricing

After that, depending on the type of coffee shop you want, what services you shall be providing, if it will be a small coffee shop with seating or a drive through, you are supposed to plan your finances. This will also affect the pricing and types of the products you intend to sell. Selling lasagne in a drive through coffee shop does not seem like a great choice, does it?


Now, selecting a location that will be both profitable for the business and not too heavy on your pocket is important. You must have a location in mind. If not, explore the city and pick a location that seems the most beneficial for a coffee business.


Once the location is decided, according to the rent of the place you can plan the size of the coffee shop. While it is easy for someone to first plan the size of the shop and then find a location, it is not always practically possible.

Register Your Business

Now that everything is planned and you are ready to actualize your dream project, you are supposed to register your business. Make it legal, make it official. Hire an attorney or do it yourself and find out all the licenses and permits you shall need to have a coffee shop in the locality of your choice. A California seller’s permit is something that you should be investing in right after getting your business registered and don’t forget to get the EIN.

Set up Social Media

Now this is a very different suggestion and you may not find this as a step in any of the articles available on the internet but setting up social media accounts for your business is as important as having a business in the first place. We live in a world that is highly influenced by social media and there is no doubt that social media can actually help us get plenty of organic leads.

Find Investors, Suppliers, and Employees

For any business to work, you will definitely need investors and suppliers. Once you have everything sorted and your place is about to open, hire employees and invest good time in training them according to your plans. This is something a lot of entrepreneurs ignore but for someone in the hospitality business, training the staff should be a priority. After all, your staff is going to represent your brand and it is eventually in their hands to help your business grow or bring it down.


Marketing is extremely important. You may not consider it important as you are in the hospitality industry but for anything to gain attention these days, ranking on google and having decent reviews is important. Don’t forget to invest in marketing strategies and SEO.