How to register on the Padrón

If you are a Marbella resident, you should register on the Padrón. The Junta Andalucia provides Marbella’s Ayuntamiento (Town Hall) with funds based on the number of people registered.

According to the Spanish Authorities if you are a resident then your Padron needs confirming every 5 years. If you are not a resident (living here temporarily) but registered on the Padron you need to confirm every 2 years. Also if any of your details change, i.e. address, name etc.,



Take a ticket from the Padrón dispenser on the left hand side as you enter and watch out for your number to be displayed. The section you require is on the ground floor directly in front of you. When your number comes up, go to the desk indicated. Hand the documentation to the clerk and they will give you an original of your registration. Take a copy and file it safely.

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