How to legally scrap a vehicle in Spain

Vehicles (including vans up to 3.5 tonnes) that have reached the end of their useful life will have to be scrapped at an authorized treatment facility (Centro Autorizado de Tratamiento or Desguace Autorizade).

The installation must display the identifying official placard with their authorisation number. A list of authorised facilities can be found on the DGT (Spain’s equivalent of the DVLA) website. It is usually free to do this. Some centres collect your car. Others offer €100.00 if you take it to them yourself. It usually depends on the state of the vehicle.

The vehicle in question, along with all its documentation (Impuesto de Circulacion and ITV), must be taken to the authorised facility. They will supply you with the necessary form ‘Baja Definitiva’ (which means total withdrawal from circulation) and you will be required to sign it. They will then give you two forms – a Certificate of Destruction and a Receipt confirming withdrawal of your car from circulation (Baja Definitiva).

There are many UK registered cars in Spain that run out of MOT and so head to the scrap yard fro disposal. In theory though, Spanish breaker’s should not remove a car from the road, that is not Spanish registered and listed on the DGT. So beware some Spanish beaker yards will buy a scrap car from you (at a low price of course) with the aim of selling the parts from it. But the vehicle is likely to remain in your name and you may find yourself with the relevant UK fines and it remaining on the UK DVLA for ever

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