How to Keep Your Spirits High During Quarantine?

If you are following the government orders, you are probably reading this article cooped up inside your room. Initially, everyone was so relieved with this idea of social distancing and lockdown since they could catch up on your Netflix shows. And then, they were able to devote some time to your family and friends, as well. Also, who can forget that extra two-hour sleep that everyone always wished for all these years? But, this hype soon buzzed off. It’s because everyone is probably going a little crazy with the lockdown now. Some are even going down the streets against the lockdown orders. 

Undoubtedly, everyone is facing a difficult time during the lockdown. Children don’t feel like monkeying around. Students are busy finding ways to ditch those online classes. And employees working from home are tired of those endless Zoom meetings. Who could have presumed that a minute virus could disrupt the lives of millions in such diverse ways? I am sure many of you must be scratching their heads, thinking of different ways to keep the spirits high. Here are some of the ideas that can help you make the most of your quarantine time. 

Take The First Step 

The current pandemic may have felt like a big wave of negativity. But, it is vital to start your day with positivity. That’s the only way to outweigh the negative thoughts. I understand giving up your lifestyle and locking yourself in your home can be daunting. But, if you try thinking that problems during the COVID-19 might be an opportunity in disguise. You might find something useful and emerge as a winner. 

One of the easiest ways to calm yourself is to get into a state of relaxation. And meditation would help you achieve. You don’t need a proper setting for that. All you need is to find a quiet place and close your eyes. Observe your thoughts that come in your mind without labeling them as good or bad. And if you find it hard to do that, deep breathing exercises can do the trick for you. You can also start going for a short sprint, or just take the steps up and down to drive away any negative energy. 

Beat The Stress 

Unable to control their lives makes a lot of people succumb to stress. Over the years, studies have documented that a sense of control helps people to get through challenges of life without losing wits. But, instead of feeling pressured with what you can’t control, it’s best to follow the path that you can control. So, worrying about things won’t do any good. 

You can start by picking up a paintbrush to free yourself from the stressors of your life. Yes, you heard it right. Painting watercolors help you zone out for a few moments and relieve your stress within a few minutes. Of course, this goes without saying, you don’t have to be skilled to do that. All you need is a piece of paper and a few colors to start de-stressing. Who knows you might create an art piece for your home? That would indeed be a reward. 

And if that is not helping, laugh a little, even if it is forced. Scientists believe that a good chuckle eases down the tensions of your body by stimulating circulation. And it is a sure-shot way to lower down your stress levels. In the meantime, you can treat yourself with some dark chocolate. Studies prove that chocolate helps to lower down stress hormones. So, sneaking in your kitchen for a chocolate bar won’t be a bad idea, after all. Don’t forget a happy mind can tackle any challenge or task thrown at its way. So, leave all your worries aside and focus on becoming better, personally, and professionally. 

Cultivate a New Habit 

If you used to complain about having a little time trying out some new things, this is the perfect time to pick up new skills. Don’t let go of this opportunity and find online courses that are offering a plethora of free and paid courses of subjects that you can take advantage of once lockdown is over. You can think of improving your current skills while acquiring new ones. If that feels a little boring, you can start reading. It will help you understand worldly challenges from an entirely different perspective. Researchers often recommend reading to broaden a perspective. 

So, if you feel bored and wondering what to do, pick up a book of your choice and read. And if you don’t have any, Amazon and Book Depository have huge book collections for everyone. You can also try playing video games that are helpful to develop your problem-solving, vision, and speed skills. Who knows, you might emerge as a pro league player who can help other players reach their goals using valorant boosting?

There are plenty of other options available to use your time productively. For instance, you can take beginner learning courses for any instrument, learn a new language, learn new recipes, and many more. And while doing so, you can use this time to update your resume to help yourself save some time the next time you find yourself looking for a new job. 

Make Healthy Living Your Priority 

You cannot use “I am running late for a meeting” as an excuse anymore to avoid a healthy treat. Even if you can’t hit the gym or go out for Yoga, you can download a few workout sessions or create your exercise regimen. Similarly, this is the perfect time to get back your health on track by opting for fruits and vegetables. You can try adding fruits and berries, eggs, lean meats, nuts, and seeds to your diet to keep up your energy levels. You can call for delivery services to help to stock some nutritious food or grocery for yourself. 

Give Yourself Some Time to Relax

While it is a good thing to give your time for developing new skills, getting some relaxation time is equally important. You might have a lot to do without any time to pause. So use this time to do something that makes you happy and relaxed at the same time. You can watch new movies, play your favorite songs. You can even play board games or puzzles to keep yourself busy while keeping the entertainment quotient. Also, getting enough sleep is essential to charge yourself for the challenges of life. 

Lastly, don’t forget to wash your hands regularly while maintaining social distancing guidelines. Stay home, stay safe, and stay your best amid the quarantine.