How Can Reading Positively Affect Your Life

How Can Reading Positively Affect Your Life

When was the last time you read something substantial? A book, a series of poems, a short story? If it is hard for you to recollect this, then you are certainly missing out on a lot that could have been. A different world, full of emotional uprisings and downpours, that is what you are missing. There are undeniable pleasures of reading, but are there more positives that we are unaware of? 

The first account of the first true novel being written can be looked back to about a millenia and a half back. The vociferous story, “The Tale of Genji”, penned down by Murasaki Shikib is a 54 chapter long verse. The beginning of many more novels to come is said to be the pinnacle of Japanese writing. Reading can have mental and physical benefits lasting a lifetime. You can start your journey by reading forth about how advantageous writing can be in your life. 

Strengthening Your Brain

The more you read, the more you are using your brain’s functioning. Reading exercises the brain in many ways by lighting up a lot of activity in your neurotransmitting circuits. Your span of concentration and focus shoots up like anything. In a study conducted in 2013, participants took part in a 9 day read of the historical “Pompeii”. The work was chosen in relation with how it was historically accurate, butv was written as a work of fiction, in classical narrative. Results showed how areas of the brain related with the sensation of pain and movement.

Stress Reduction 

There can be a lot many ways to reduce stress, reading is a hearty exercise of the mind that eases you out. It can lower your blood pressure and heart rate along with providing psychological ease in ways similar to yoga and listening to music. A well written piece of work can transpose you from your turbulent sense of being to a world of its own. You can also reduce stress with CBD and Delta-8, check out  Men’s Journal for more information on the two.

Increased Capabilities of Empathy 

What you are basically doing when you are reading is looking at things from the perspective of the character that the writer wants you to see. You indulge in the same range of emotions as the characters, once invested. What this brings about is a sense of empathetic uprise in you. Being distant is no longer a thing of fiction for you in real life and you start to experience things from the other side as well. This gives a holistic upgrade to your character in real life, understanding things and situations rather than just pitying them. 

Expansive Vocabulary

There are three easy ways for one to learn a new language or get better at one they already know – 

  • Get well versed with its grammar to perfection, 
  • Converse with people in that language
  • Read as much as you can 

Of the three, reading takes the win by a long margin as it encourages you to open a dictionary. Why so? Because you are thrown a set of words that you are utterly unaware of. Once you do learn new words you invariably use them in your daily life, opening up your vocabulary.

Can Potentially Reduce the Likelihood of Cognitive Illnesses

Cognitive illness like Alzheimer’s can be reduced to a large extent. Though there is still a lot of work to be done in this field, there are studies that have shown that reading everyday and solving easy math problems can lower the likelihood and can majorly improve their cognitive functioning. You are constantly updated by what is happening in the story by keeping up to the line of the story. This promotes a better functioning of the brain in many ways.