Fit Cycling Marbella

“Fit Cycling” arrived in Marbella on Saturday 19 September. Over 100 fitness bikes were set up on the terraces above the Puerto Deportivo in the centre of Marbella ready for a mass workout to the incredible, pulsating high energy music.

The first of the six sessions started at around 11.00 am with trainers from Sevilla, Malaga, Cordoba and Jaen providing the encouragement and offering their expertise. Almost every available bike had been booked in advance and the spectators were out in force to encourage the participants.

The music started slowly, enabling the participants to warm up their muscles, but the pace soon picked up. soon increase  so that everyone and mellow so did the whir of the cycles. The trainers were shouting advice from the stage under huge lights which were turned on during the evening sessions as the sun went down. It was amazing to see all the shoulders and hips moving in unison.

The ealy sessions finished at about 14.00, giving everyone a welcome break. The evening sessions started around 19.00 and finished at 22.00. The music was fantastic and the laser light show could be seen all over Marbella.

When the music finally stopped, even the spectators were shattered!!!

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