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Three Kings’ Day

Three Kings’ Day is on 6 January every year and it celebrates Balthazar, Caspar and Melchior’s arrival in Bethlehem to see the baby Jesus. In Spain, this day is celebrated by the giving of gifts and it is as important as Christmas Day.

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The three kings arrive by boat at the Puerto Deportivo in Marbella at lunchtime on 5 January to be greeted by the mayor of Marbella. They are then driven through the streets of Marbella in open top cars to the Ayuntamiento (Town Hall) in the old town. There is always a huge crowd of people to welcome them and the three kings throw sweets to the children who have come along to see them.

On the evening of 5 January, there is a themed procession along the Avenida Ricardo Soriano in Marbella with the three kings as the main attraction. There is a huge number of floats in the procession and the people of Marbella line the streets to see the spectacle. The atmosphere is always amazing!

In Spain, children traditionally receive gifts on the night of January 5, unlike in northern Europe, where Santa brings them gifts on Christmas Eve. These days, however, Spanish children receive gifts on Christmas Day and Three Kings’ Day, which is a bit difficult for the parents!

It is also a day when you eat a special cake called Rosca de Reyes – a ring-shaped mass covered with sugary and fruity sweets.

In Spain, wherever you live or visit, in an isolated village or in a suburban town or city, there is almost certain to be a procession to celebrate the arrival of the three kings.

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Three Kings’ Day