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Noche de San Juan

Noche de San Juan celebrates the summer solstice and takes place every year on 23 June – the shortest night of the year. It is a magical night in many areas of the northern hemisphere. Mythology suggests that strange things occur on this evening.

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It is a memorable and surrealistic evening and one that has to be experienced.

Water and fire are the basic elements and it’s believed these counterparts create a mythical connection. It is a magical night and strange things happen on this the shortest night of the year. For example, pagan gods are said to make themselves visible. So, be on the look out. You just never know!!!

Fire and the burning of ‘júas’ (rag dolls/guys) symbolize the disappearance of bad and negative energy. And you are encouraged to burn something old and personal to chase away bad spirits. The muñecos (dolls) that are burnt at midnight were originally supposed to represent Judas Iscariot, but they often represent local or national personalities supposedly to bring good luck. But this is now mainly for enjoyment.

According to tradition, if you jump over a bonfire three times, your body and soul will be cleansed and purified and your problems will disappear. Jumping in the sea at midnight is supposed to wash away evil spirits. And washing your face and your feet three times means you will be granted three wishes and a happy year ahead.

So, make sure you arrange somewhere to enjoy this amazing spectacle!!!






Noche de San Juan