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All Saints’ Day

All Saints’ Day (also known as All Hallows) or Día de Todos los Santos in Spain is on 1 November every year. It is a national holiday, so most shops will be closed.

In this article, you will find some interesting facts about this holiday and its history.

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Sometimes referred to as el Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead), it is not in any way a macabre day. In Spain, families join together to remember loved ones who have died. They traditionally visit cemeteries or the resting place of their loved ones. Many Spanish family members prepare the places beforehand – cleaning, painting and adding fresh flowers to the grave in preparation for this special day.

When the day arrives, they often take food to enjoy at the special place, including traditional sweet cakes you will see in panaderías at this time of year such as “Huesos de Santos” (Saints’ bones), “Borrachuelos” (drunken cakes) and “Buñuelos” (pastries filled with chocolate or cream). Historically, it was believed that when these cakes were eaten, it saved your soul from purgatory.

In Marbella, these traditions are important and you will often see the theatre presentation of “Don Juan Tenorio” by José Zorilla.

All Saints’ Day