Eva Piñero

Eva Piñero has worked as a professional entertainer in the Marbella area for 13 years. Her career began when she went to London to learn English and shared a room with a dancer from Madrid who was working in Flamenco clubs. Eva’s life then changed completely.

She has a strong and vibrant voice that is full of passion. She captures the hearts of all of her audiences. Her parents and her six older siblings all love Flamenco. She grew up listening to the music and says it is in her blood. Her father was her biggest influence. Despite being Flemish, he passed his passion for the art of Flamenco on to Eva and her brothers. Eva is very adventurous and says travel is one of the best ways to grow personally and professionally, learning about different genres of music, languages and cultures.

Eva has made Marbella her home. She rehearses twice a week and loves nothing more than going to the paseo to exercise and meet friends, but she always has lunch with her mother.  She is a free spirit, but loves spending time with her family. She is happy doing what she loves – travelling the world and expressing herself through her music.

If you get an opportunity to hear her sing, go for it!!!

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