“Equitana” exhibition at Benezra Gallery

Anna Louise Andersen

We were delighted to receive an invitation to the opening of the new “Equitana” exhibition at the Benezra Gallery in Benahavis on Thursday 30 March. Roz was involved with horses from an early age and she was really looking forward to an evening dedicated to these wonderful animals. The exhibition is open to the public from 31 March to 30 April.

Experience this new exhibition

We arrived to a packed gallery, all lovers of fine art from Marbella and its surrounding areas. The Benezra Gallery is a lovely space to enjoy fine art and with the change in the weather, we could spill out into the lovey courtyard where we could enjoy a nice glass of cava and discuss what we had seen.

Benezra Gallery Opening of Equitana Exhibition

Equitana Exhibition opening at Benezra Gallery

The art is simply stunning. We really couldn’t describe it any other way. On entering the courtyard, we saw statues by Nimrod Messeg, a great favourite here in Marbella. Nimrod is able to take something that usually regarded as ugly and industrial and he transforms it into a work of beauty.

His creations begin as the heaviest, darkest piece of metal (most specifically iron) and, using unique and innovative forging techniques, he brings about a total metamorphosis of his subject matter, creating the most delicate statues with an almost lace like quality.

Nimrod Messeg Sculpture

Oil of formal rider by Jesus de Miguel Alcantara

The first room in the gallery included large, bold canvasses from Alejandro Hermann – full of interpretation, paintings by Kitty Arden and Dom Patterson’s “Let’s Prance” which we loved. Then, we saw the most stunning bronzes of two prancing horses by Gines Serán-Pagan which were aptly named “Two Friends”.

Bronze Sculpture of two friends

Adding to the wonderful art, it was great to feel the quality and workmanship of the saddles and bridles by master craftsmen El Molino of Sevilla displayed around the gallery – from modern to more traditional Spanish saddles.

All of this didn’t prepare us for what was in the second room. We don’t really have the words to express the quality of the art we experienced here. The exquisite ballet from Anna Louise Andersen, the wild abandon in the eye of the stallion by Alejandro Hermann, amazing sculptures by Alex Romano in marble & chalk and a classic bronze sculpture by Michelle Rose Key.

Stallion by Alejandro Hermann

 Alex Romano in marble & chalk

 Marble & Chalk Sculpture by Alex Romano

But, our firm favourite was the art of Jesus de Miguel Alcántara. The muscle structure and movements he paints exemplifies his obvious passion and a deep love of his subject.

Roz was lucky enough to have a word with the artist, who told her he became very well know as an artist in Venezuela. But, after 20 years, he returned to Spain. It is no wonder that leading art world critics refer to him as a  “master of magical mysticism”.  You have to enjoy his art for yourself. It is an experience you will never forget.

Oil Painting of traditional Spanish Horse

Wild Stallion by Jesus de Miguel Alcantara

Classic Dressage

See into the soul by Jesus de Miguel Alcantara

Andalucian Stallion

White horse into the seaLaurence & Maureen Benezra

We would like to thank Maureen and Laurence for a wonderful evening and wish them every sucess with this remarkable exhibition.

Benezra Gallery
Avenida. Tomás Pascual 6
The Courtyard 4 & 5
Urb. La Quinta Golf
29678 Benahavis

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