Don’t Miss Out on The Top 4 Mouth-Watering Food Adventures Trips in Asia

Don't Miss Out on The Top 4 Mouth-Watering Food Adventures Trips in Asia

Do you love food adventure trips? If yes, then this blog is for you. Getting mouth watering food trips that suit any budget, time and appetite is the goal for every food lover. In my home, I am the one who checks all the eating places before selecting a hotel for our summer vacation.  

The food is one thing that truly brings joy to a trip. But sometimes it becomes difficult to choose the perfect food adventure trip. To solve this issue, today I will be sharing a few top mouth-watering food adventure trips. You can save these places for your next trip.

Sri Lanka Real Food Adventure

Sri Lanka is a great choice if you wish to experience a new adventure on every meal. Just imagine, moving in the Srilankan streets to taste the cooked seafood straight out of the hands of a fisherman. Isn’t it feeling so good? You can explore the rich culture of Sri Lanka: temples, wildlife, and Sri Lankan cousins.  

The Reason Why You Will Love This trip

  • You can taste an amazing variety of seafood at Negombo seafood market. Do not get disappointed even if you are a vegetarian. Vegetarians can enjoy a large amount of the nation’s favorite meat-free dishes such as hoppers, fruits, and vegetable roti. 
  • You can spend time with locals who are keen to share the mysteries of Sri Lankan Cousin. You might get a chance to get involved in food preparation. 
  • If you are fond of drinking, I would suggest trying the signature local liquor of Sri Lanka. 
  • You can enjoy flavor-filled curries and sweet desserts while traveling from Kandy to Bandarawela. In addition to this, you will be able to witness the beautiful scenery that you might not want to get off. 

Vietnam Food Adventure Trip

You can easily get the northern specialties in Ho Chi Minh city of Hanoi. If you love noodles then choosing Vietnam is the best choice. Here, you can watch the traditional noodle-making style of locals. You can experience the freshest and most fragrant cuisine which you will enjoy chop, slice, and eat in the Vietnam style. 

Why You Must Save This Trip?

  • You can visit regional Vietnamese markets and try their specialties like bun cha, pho, and xoi xeo. Golden yellow xoi xeo is a kind of sticky rice served with mung beans and fried onions. 
  • Visit a hidden tea house in Hanoi where you will get an idea about rice wine. You can learn about rice wine with their master. 
  • In my own experience, Vietnamese people are the most welcoming in the world. You will get amazing hospitality with an insight into rural life while getting a taste of their food trends.
  • In addition to this, you can also enjoy a motorbike tour. However, If you don’t prefer traveling by bike, an alternative transport can be arranged. 

Indian Traditional Food Adventure

You can spend more than a month discovering a variety of food and flavors. Each state offers different flavors and a wide range of traditional food. From Delhi to Goa via Rajasthan, you can enjoy beautiful sightseeing of the Taj Mahal (one of the 7 wonders of the world) which is located in Agra. In addition to this, you can enjoy traditional sweets such as Ghewar and Petha. With a taste of the Indian Vibrant Market, you will experience an unforgettable journey. 

Learning the Beauty of This Trip

  • From Kashmir to Kanya Kumari and Gujarat to Nagaland, you will find a variety of flavors that I am sure you won’t regret trying. You can get a true taste of fine culinary styles: Hydrabadi, Rajasthani, Gujarati, Punjabi, and also the Portuguese flavored Goa. 
  • No trip in India is complete without some history lesson by locals. Walk along the historical places and temples to know the diverse culture. You can visit 17th-century forts of Udaipur or Jaipur along with tasting their Marwari cuisine. 
  • Take time to visit local spice farms to learn about the base of Indian cuisine. Along with its diverse culture, Indian weather can vary in different states. It will be better to carry layered clothing or else buy some after you reach there. 

China Culinary Tour

China can be an amazing choice to experience a combination of history, culture, and cuisine. You can travel to Chengdu, Xi’an, Beijing, and Shanghai to taste the four most famous food regions of China. You can easily explore China by visiting these cities. Start by tasting a peppery treat of Sichuan and visit a tea farming village in Chengdu to discover the variety of Chinese beverages. 

You can stay in the lofty monastery in Emei Shan and then travel to Xian to learn the art of noodle-making. Further, you can explore ancient hutongs to find the best street food in Beijing. Do not forget to try the flavor of Peking Duck, it is the iconic dish of the city. 

Love for Chinese can be your first and foremost thing when selecting China for a food adventure trip. So, make sure you try Shanghai dumplings and you can also learn to cook dumplings. Shanghai is also known as the dumpling capital of the state. 


Now, as you have saved all the best places to visit for a food adventure trip. Make sure that you are ready to spoil your taste buds with the Indian species, flavored seafood curries of Srilanka, Golden rice of Vietnam, and of course Chinese food. Do share your traveling experience when you visit one of these locations.  

Asd a parting note I would like to remind you that these trips are slightly long ones and require you to leave your house for extended periods of time. So, when you pack up your home ensure you give a call to emergency plumber in Gloucester and get the water shut down. After all, nobody wants to come to a flooded house.