Documents you must carry in your car in Spain

The following information is provided by the Guardia Civil for foreigners with cars living in or visiting Spain. It is important to carry these documents at all times.

ITV card – an official up to date and valid document concerning the technical inspection of the vehicle.

ITV report – when a vehicle is four years old, it is required to be ITV tested. This report provides details of the inspection and confirms that the vehicle is road worthy at the time of the inspection.

Permiso de Circulación – this is similar to a log book for the vehicle and includes information about the number plate, the owner of the vehicle and other details relating to the vehicle.

The following documents are not compulsory, but it is advisable to carry them:

Insurance Policy – it is not compulsory to carry these documents, as the information is held on a central computer. But, if you are involved in an accident, you will need to provide details of your policy and it is therefore advisable to have them with you.

European Accident Agreement – this form will be of help if you are involved in an incident. These forms are available in a number of languages, but are all laid out the same to help bridge language gaps.

Please remember: the documents you carry must be originals (not copies). If you want to carry copies, they should be officially notarized.

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