Discovering classic Marbella

CRIS&KIM TRAVEL DESIGNERS offer an opportunity to enjoy “Discovering Classic Marbella” with a selection of trips:

Olive oil tasting and lunch at Belvis de las Navas

Discover the fascinating story behind new gourmet ecological oil, Belvis de las Navas – its aristocratic connection and the olive plantation growing the unique olives that are blended to create the oil. The grove is located at the Finca of Sandro Gamazo Hohenlohe in Istan. Home to rare and ancient olive trees the olive oil produced here is truly unique to this southern part of Andalucía; the ‘Acebuchina’ blends beautifully with the diverse varieties of wild olives that have been cultivated in these hills since Moorish times.

Meet the Marquis of Belvis and enjoy a day in the countryside learning the secrets of the ‘liquid gold’, enjoy an exclusive meal in the home of one of the most beloved aristocratic families in Marbella.

Discover the traditional art of red tuna fishing

Enjoy an unforgettable day exploring the true art of red tuna fishing. Under the guidance of experienced local fisherman, you will use traditional fishing techniques and artificial bait to catch these amazing creatures that swim close to the shore on their way pass Gibraltar towards the Mediterranean Sea to reproduce. You will learn ‘ronqueo’ – traditional quartering to divide up the tuna fish ready for consumption – before rewarding yourself with the taste of your catch in a delicious meal back at the resort.

During the trip, you’ll also have the opportunity to spot dolphins, whales and birds residing in and around the local waters.

Hike La Concha

La Concha Mountain is the highest mountain in the Marbella region, an adventurer’s dream. A half-day hike is an experience not for the faint hearted. Those bold enough to climb the limestone, 1,173m above sea level, are rewarded with stunning views of the Atlas Mountains, the Rock of Gibraltar and the stunning Mediterranean coastline.

Prices are available on request (depending on the number of people) from CrisandKim Travel Designers

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