Paula Menchen’s “Creative Colour” at Kasser Rassu

“Creative Colour” by Essex born artist Paula Menchen opens at the Kasser Rassu Gallery in Marbella on Wednesday 18 November and will run until Friday 18 December 2015.

There will be a cocktail evening on Friday 20 November from 20.00 where you can view the art and meet the artist. will of course be there to bring you images of this wonderful exhibition. Paula Menchen’s family were dispersed throughout Europe and this had an influence on her work from an early age. She says “I believe our histories and environments heavily affect our personalities and alter our perseptions of reality”.

At the age of two, her family moved to Southern California where she spent most of her life. Following her path of observation and discovery she received her BFA degree from Otis Art Institute of Parsons school of design in Los Angeles, California. Here she majored in painting and installation art.

Focusing on installation art, Paula began to show her constructions in local galleries throughout Los Angeles. She had several shows in San Francisco and in 1997, she received an award of excellence, published in American Corporate Identity LA Weekly. She then relocated to the Costa del Sol and now lives with her husband in San Pedro de Alcántara, Marbella.

Constructing and deconstructing surfaces have played an important role in her recent paintings. These concepts parallel the ideas explored in her installation art. The paintings begin to develop their shape and structure from the first strokes right up to the very last layer.

It is through this layering, adding and taking away paint, that allows the texture and surface to be revealed. With each painting, there is a push and pull that contrasts flat space with the depth of an intricate woven space. Paula says  “I view paintings as structural. They have sculptural elements and physical presence within a space. Space as a concept is much more ambiguous. It can be very vast and abstract”‘.

To sum up her art she says, “My art is a combination of ideas primarily examining human perception, questioning the ideas of abstract and tangible space and investigating limits and boundaries.”

We are looking forward to meeting the artist and seeing her art at Kasser Rassu.

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