Cheat Meals You Won’t Regret

Cheat Meals You Won’t Regret

Sweat, and sometimes even Blood (not literally, unless you injure yourself while cutting some lettuce for your low carb salad) is what it takes when you’re trying to cut down on your carbs and working towards getting lean. 

After 6 long days of high intensity workouts and cardio, sad tasteless & cheeseless food, you get one day to go off and oh boy, I know you do. But by the time the day ends you’re either so filled up on unhealthy snacks that you feel like all your week’s hardwork has plunged down the drain or you’ve just binged on food that adds no value to you. 

We get that your ‘cheat’ meal is your chance to get away from reality, but you can always one up yourself and indulge in cheat snacks that might benefit you in some way. Just some alterations in the dishes you like most, and you’ll be packed with a high carb, high calorie meal that’s just as high in its nutritional value. 

Here are some cheat meals or replacements for your favorite dishes that you definitely won’t regret.

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The sweetness of a milkshake might make you think, is it really a healthy cheat food? It most definitely is. Milk, in itself, is high in calcium, protein, carbohydrates and vitamins. You deserve some extra carbs on your cheat day, just don’t let it be without benefits. Go on, make that chocolate milkshake and enjoy it with some delta-8 THC gummies. No judgments here. It’s your cheat day. 


If you think about it, it’s a protein filled patty, some veggies, a little bit of ranch and bread. Which means, burgers really aren’t the worst thing out there and you can indulge in one every now and then. 

But prefer making your own, it’s really easy and will have a much better nutritional profile. You can grill the meat and season it to perfection, cut up some fresh veggies to go in and on the side and even make the buns if you want to. A small salad platter on the side and you’re all set for your healthy cheat meal. 


Burgers with a side of fries? Coming right up!

Fries are just fried slices of potatoes. And potatoes are actually quite healthy, if you think about it. They’re packed with nutrients and antioxidants, they help to control blood sugar, even help improve digestive health. 

If you wanna make your fries healthier, just roast them with a drizzle of olive oil and you’re good to go. Sweet potato fries work the same too. 

Chicken & Turkey

Honestly, it’s true for almost all kinds of meat. It’s the sauce made from all the butter and fat that makes your favorite meals so unhealthy. Take that away and you’re left with high saturated fats, but equally high levels of proteins and vitamins. 

Cook your meat with low fat sauce and you have a filling and healthy cheat meal ready to go. 

You can even fry your chicken for your cheat meals, as long as you consume less fat during the other meals during the day. 


It’s all in the crust. When you’re making homemade pizza, you can easily cut down on a lot of the carbs by alternating for a healthier crust flour. Cauliflower or chickpea, even pita doughs are a game changer. Just top these off with some cheese and loads of fresh vegetables and lean meats. 

Dark Chocolate

Milk chocolate isn’t the best thing for your diet, but dark chocolate is a different story altogether. This delight is filled with antioxidants so you might as well have some during the week. Just keep your fill in check and you’ll be fine. 

Use some of the dark chocolate cocoa to make that milk shake you’ve been craving all week. And those chocolate covered almonds, raising, strawberries, they’re great too. 

Decided what you’re gonna munch on this cheat day? Whatever it is, make it worth your while.

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