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Casa Global Gift is a brand new concept and the first of its kind here in Marbella. It was the dream of Maria Bravo (co-founder of the Global Gift Foundation) as you may have seen in our recent interview with her.

Helping third party foundations is making a significant difference to the lives of thousands of people in Marbella and around the world. The foundation set itself a target to do something bigger, something that would make a significant difference to the cities it works in. And, with this idea, the Casa Global Gift (Global Gift Home) was born.

What is Casa Global Gift & why is it needed?

Casa Global Gift is a multi-functional centre in the heart of Marbella. With the help of Marbella’s Ayuntamiento (town hall) the foundation has secured a suitable space that will be converted into a place where children with rare and chronic diseases can be treated.

Casa Global Gift will add great value to the city of Marbella, improving work and family reconciliation and giving these children the possibility of a global care intervention system. It will centralize therapies into one place, avoiding unnecessary expenditure of time and money involved in travelling from one place to another – not forgetting the fatigue and overload experienced by the children and their families.

A number of families have referred to a lack of existing services in this area, forcing them to take their children further afield with higher economic costs they can in many cases not afford. Even more so, when the family only has one income and the other is the child’s full time carer.

The multi-functional centre will be a Resource Centre for children where parents and care professionals can also participate. collaborating on improving the comprehensive care of children with illness and/or disability.

We propose to improve the quality of life of children with multiple disabilities and their families, through the implementation of specific activities and programs for the incorporation of knowledge and educational learning that tend to equalize opportunities for personal development and their interaction with the environment through interdisciplinary action, providing the child with special needs a full service of both pedagogical and comprehensive therapies.

Up to today, children affected with illness such as Cystic Fibrosis or Duchenne muscular dystrophy have had to travel a daily round trip of 100km minimum to receive treatments as there are no local treatment centres.

There are six associations that have been identified on the coast with not only no treatment centres but with no physical meeting space. All six associations help children with rare and chronic diseases.

What role will Global Gift play in the day to day running of this center

Global Gift will play two main roles in Casa Global Gift:

It will cover the costs of upkeep and maintenance of the installations and oversee the proper functioning of the multifunctional center. Global Gift Foundation will continue its work to get funding through its international events for philanthropic projects in the city of Marbella and its surroundings.

Each organization will be responsible for having the professionals needed to carry out the therapy, treatment, assembly, etc. Global Gift will provide space enabled to carry out such therapies and will provide funding for therapies where and when possible. Its main aim will always be to try to improve the conditions of life of children with special needs and their families.

Global Gift Foundation, as a foundation of public interest, will also present global projects related to the center on behalf of the six organizations involved. These collected grants, public or private, will be invested in improvements to the center and the expansion of services offered under the requests of each of the associations involved.

The coordination of the installations will be conducted by Global Gift Foundation who will distribute the spaces to the various associations that are part of this project. The use of spaces will be done through agendas, subject to availability, to be agreed with each organization. Global Gift will hire a full time social work whose work will be managing these common spaces.

About the Property, spaces and conversion

The spaces of the complex have been carefully divided out based on the needs of each of the individual associations that will be involved in the project. We have successfully secured a contract with the town hall of Marbella that has given a 30-year lease on the house and surrounding land. We have successfully secured an architect who will lead the refurbishment of the project free of charge. A third of all donations from all donors from the last year have been safe guarded for Casa Global Gift. Donors from all events have not only being supporting foundation projects such as Eva Longoria Foundation, Diana Awards, UNICEF but also this project. The Casa Global Gift trust fund has a total of 200,000€ to be invested into this project- however this 200,000€ covers one third of the start-up cost of the project.

Casa Global Gift is a 30-year-old house that has been abandoned and was occupied by homeless people until recent times. The house and grounds need to be revamped. All electrical, plumbing and lighting fixtures need to be brought up to standards. The house then needs to be converted into a wheel chair friendly zone, installing an elevator that will go from the basement to the second floor. Ramp accesses will have to be added to all entrances and gardens will have to be levelled out and tarmac paths which are wheel chair friendly.

What will be included at Casa Global Gift

The complex is divided into 6 main areas- Offices, Therapy House, Picnic, Gardens, Water Therapies, Conference Centre. Within these 6 areas, the following rooms will be created based on the needs of the six associations:

  • Area 1 Conference Area – The outdoor space of the complex has a tennis court that will be covered and converted into a conference centre. It will be a multifunctional space that will be used for talks, conferences and so on. When it is not being used for conferences, children can avail of the space for physical education activities. A space where international speakers can come to train local practitioners and other specialists. All local associations can also use the space to hold talks with parents and other awareness conferences. The conference centre will be equipped with audio-visual screens so presentations of all types can be held. This can also be used to hold a large number of children for the organization of cinema days, or educational chats for the children done through cartoons.
  • Area 2 Offices – This will be a space dedicated to the correct management of the Global Gift Home and all Global Gift Global operations. It is a space where NGOs can come a meet with us, present their projects, donors can come by to see first-hand all the work Global Gift Foundation is carrying out.
  • Area 3 Therapy House – The hub of activities for specialized treatments. The true heart of the Casa Global Gift. This house will be used to provide a broad spectrum of therapies and services for both patients and their families. The home will have the following rooms:
    Doctors Consultation Rooms + Cooper Room
    On the second floor of the building there will be a total of three doctor consultation rooms.
    A multisensory room is a physical space in which a sensory stimulation program for children with special needs is developed. This helps the child to acquire knowledge, skills and abilities required to develop the required daily tasks and achieve maximum autonomy and integration. This room works on the stimulation of 5 senses – vision, hearing, touch, taste and smell. Today in Marbella no public or private school offers this discipline and is critical to address sensory processing disorders in children with disabilities. This room would consist of a series of spaces such as visual space, projection space, smell and tastes space, tactile space and auditory space that enable working every way, looking for the free development of sensory
    Adapted bathroom facilities all current washrooms will be converted for wheelchairs and will be adapted with the correct lifts for people with disabilities.
    Social Integration – Similar to the multisensorial room – this room consists in having a gym space for children where they can play and interact with one another. It has stimulating activities for the children that do not contain lights and sound.
    Workshop Room – A space dedicated to education for children. Here we will carry out art classes, craft classes and other hand based activities that help children to further their education. The main aim would be the creation of art therapy workshops in order to develop self-awareness through art (drawing, painting, modeling, collage and mixed media), in addition to integration through dramatic art (plays, puppets, masks). While children are receiving therapies this room can also be used as a space for their siblings to be and carry out activities. The materials needed for the setup of this room are basic art supplies, tables, chairs, shelving and a blackboard with storage space. Activities when undertaken through games not only help improve motor skills, speech and listening, but also offer a unique social opportunity. By involving children with disabilities in workshops, they learn to interact with others. Thus we promote children’s creative processes’ that contribute to the welfare of developing skills that influence improving the quality of life in any kind of disability.
    Associations Offices – Each of the six Associations will have a designated work space where they can receive families, asses them, give them advice on the treatments available both within Casa Global Gift and the surrounding areas. Their office spaces will be equipped with telephones, internet, a printer and storage as basics.
    Multipurpose Room – Psychological intervention in early development is performed globally, covering not only the child but also any person or situation in the immediate environment that may be contributing to perpetuate the problem or not coping with the problem and therefore hinder development. All this is done in a playful atmosphere, creating a good rapport with the child or the child to feel safe and in a climate of trust, to promote change. Psychology is only one use that will be given to the multipurpose room with Music Therapy and Speech Therapy also being contemplated. The use of music Music therapy invites and encourages participation from people of lower functioning levels and employs a non-verbal medium with which people have prior positive associations and in most cases have lifelong experience of using music for self-expression and pleasure.
    Physiotherapy Room – Motor nervous functionality is an important step in the development of autonomy. Physiotherapists are health care professionals who provide assessment and treatment to individuals with movement dysfunction related to musculoskeletal, neurological and/or cardiorespiratory conditions. Their focus is to optimize movement potential and function, promote health, and educate the child and family regarding their rehabilitation needs. At Casa Global Gift all patients will be on a “out-patient” basis and there will be a specialized physiotherapist for each type of need, for example, a child suffering from Cerebral Palsy cannot be treated by the same physiotherapist as a child with muscular dystrophy disorder. Each association involved in the house will recommend a physiotherapist for their individual needs.
    Education Room – This room contemplates two key players- children receiving treatments and their siblings. While one family member is receiving treatments accompanied by their parents, other family members need to concentrate on schooling. In Casa Global Gift, tutors will be at hand to help out children with their homework. For our other little ones who are receiving treatments, we will also have special classes set up for them to progress in their education outside of the therapies. The space that will be assigned for the education room will be one of two- the kitchen area where children will be able to have their afternoon snack while doing their homework or in the workshop room for a more formal classroom environment- depending on the target group in question. The idea behind the kitchen is to take kids out of the “obligation” of doing homework scenario and the “I am at home” environment. Basic materials will be available for use in the education room (copy books, pencils, drawing paper).
    Cinema and Play Room – Because no matter what age you are, we all need to have fun. Therapies and treatments are an ordeal and at the end of the day, we are treating children. If we want them to feel at home, they need to identify the Casa Global Gift as somewhere they can come to have fun, not just treatments. The cinema and playroom will be in the basement and will have a program of activities daily for the children to have fun and relax. The room should contemplate an educational environment with technologies such as iPads, Computers, PlayStation and non-technological items such as a children’s snooker table, foosball table or other items that stimulate group play. The cinema screen will be mounted on the wall and fed through a projector.
  • Water therapies – The center will have a pool where the water activity constitutes a therapeutic and recreational activity that complements the physical therapy of children with physical disabilities. The swimming pool area will have to be adapted for children in wheelchairs meaning mechanical lifts for lowering and raising children in to the pool.

  • Area 5 The Garden Vegetable garden that will be looked after by the children. Its produces can be sold to help raise money for the house to local markets or consumed by families using the house.
    Adapted Playground In San Antonio Texas, there is an amusement park for children with special needs known as Morgan’s Wonderland- it has a series of activities such as an adapted playground for children in wheelchairs. The space at Casa Global Gift allows us to implement a number of these elements- something that does not exist in Spain. Once again, we are trying to focus on a place that children come to, to have fun while receiving their necessary treatments.
    Picnic Area – An outdoor eating area covered by a lemon and avocado orchard. The picnic area has an outdoor barbeque and seating area.

The Inauguration.

The inauguration of this wonderful project took place on Sunday July 17 2016 during this year’s Global Gift Weekend in Marbella. Maria Bravo, Eva Longoria, donors, philanthropists and representatives of local authorities and the five local organizations that work with the project were there to see the presentation of the first Global Gift House.

More than twenty families were also there to see for the first time the modern resource centre for children and spend time with the celebrities and donors, who were keen to meet the Marbella families personally.

The celebrities included Isabel Gemio, Robert and Jessica Pires, Lola Karimova, Ely and Karen Ruimy, Gaurav and Lucy Sinha, AFSI and Sheeva Moshiri, the confidant of Prince ‘Abdul’ Azim and Simon Jackson. José Bernal (Marbella’s mayor) was accompanied by councilors involved in the project Paco Garcia, Victoria Morales, Javier Porcuna and Miguel Luna (director of tourism). The delightful young singer Adrian Martin sung a number of his songs in an impromptu concert which moved all the attendees, as well as making some of the little ones dance.

The facilities, which are located in Av. Jaime de Mora, will become a multi-functional centre. There are large outdoor areas designed to be a resource centre for children, parents and care professionals who will work on improving the care of children with illness or disability.

The local associations involved with the Casa Global Gift House and the Delegation of Social Welfare are:

ADISOL (Diabetic Association of the Costa del Sol)
Bubbles and Dreams Association (rare and undiagnosed diseases)
CADI (Service Centre the Children Diversity)
Malagueña Association against cystic fibrosis
Adahimar (social Association of attention deficit disorders and hyperactivity and delayed
Multiple Sclerosis Marbella-San Pedro Nuevo Amanecer.

The Global Gift Foundation has with this new project, responded to the need to accommodate associations in Marbella lacking a physical space to develop their support activities. They aim to adapt the facilities to rooms that allow work and comprehensive care of children.

The Mayor, José Bernal stressed that “the social work that makes the Global Gift Foundation in Marbella is an example of work and passion for helping improve the lives of children, women and families around the world, but also this year I am particularly happy and proud of the great project of Global Gift House, which will serve as a meeting point for neighborhood associations in need.”

Eva Longoria Maria Bravo & Adnán Martin

Eva Longoria

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