“Art of MSS” exhibition at Kasser Rassu

Thursday 14 July saw the opening of a new “Art of MSS” exhibition at the Kasser Rassu Gallery on Marbella’s “Golden Mile”. MarbellaAzul.com was of course there to provide news and images.

It really is well worth a visit if you are looking for a special purchase for your home. It is an exhibition of contemporary 3D art forms – paintings studded with Swarovski stones and pearls, which will bring life and sparkle to any space.

We met Sarah at the opening and she told me “we take a photograph and add it to a canvas. Then, we select areas such as the lips, nails and hair to be enhanced with oils. Finally, we add Swarovski stones, all of which are certified by Swarovski”.

The effect is amazing! They draw you in the second you see them. The crystals are, as you would expect, prisms of light and sparkle. And where the artist decides to place the crystals to enhance the painting is remarkable. We would certainly be happy to hang any of these paintings in our home.

Kasser Rassu (81)

Salmeh and Sarah Moravvej founded MSS in 1999. Their headquarters is an interior design company based in Dubai. Their passion, energy and professional decorating expertise is the foundation of creating an ideal living and working environment.

The emphasis is on helping you to define and express your style, whether it’s traditional, contemporary or transitional, creating unique 3D art forms and paintings that are studded with Swarovski stones and pearls.

Salmeh and Sarah studied graphic design and hold a certificate of photography from Cambridge. Their photography and paintings have been displayed in several exhibitions and in recent years they have designed, furnished and decorated close to 100 homes and offices.

The sisters were inspired by their love of fine jewellery, photography and paintings. They create custom-made designs using photographs and large canvases. They have a partnership with Swarovski which enables them to use specific Swarovski certified serial number gems.

The say “our love of painting and jewellery inspired us to explore the possibility of creating high-class paintings. We look for something that can capture beauty and that stands out.”


Kasser Rassu Gallery
Bulevar Príncipe Alfonso de Hohenlohe, Edif. Centro Expo, 29602 Marbella
Tel. +34 650 463 447
Email: [email protected]
Open: Tuesday – Friday 11.00 – 14.00 & 17.00 – 20.00

Kasser Rassu (42)

Kasser Rassu (22)

Kasser Rassu (25)

Kasser Rassu (18)

Kasser Rassu (34)

Kasser Rassu (13)

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