Interview with Alexandra Spyratos

Internationally renowned artist Alexandra Spyratos very kindly agreed to be interviewed by at the Kasser Rassu Gallery (opposite the Marbella Club on the Golden Mile) where she is exhibiting her work until 31 July.

Alexandra is currently exhibiting more than 20 pieces of her beautiful, bold canvases of African wildlife and you can visit the gallery from Monday to Friday 11.00 – 14.00 and in the evenings by appointment.



Thank you Alexandra for spending time with out of your busy schedule.

What made you decide to use gold, silver and copper leaf in your pictures?

“I used to paint more in oils which have a lot of texture, but now I use acrylics. The leaf adds texture and gives a magical light to the painting, depending on the light available around it.”

Yes, we noticed that it really does depend where you stand to view the picture.  If you stand to the left or to the right, the mood of the painting changes – almost like 3D.

“Absolutely, the light reflected changes all the time.”

You regularly go on safari in Kenya for three or four days at a time. How important is this to what you do?

“It is vital. I refer to the sketches and photographs to help me reproduce the movement of the animals, the posititions they adopt when they are alone and in groups. I sketch like crazy to inspire me for the next batch of paintings.”

You have exhibited your work all around the world but, apart from Marbella, what was your favourite or most unusual show?

“The most unusual has to be the James Craig, a barque which was taken from the sea floor in Tasmania and put in dry dock in Darling Harbour near Sydney in Australia. I hung the paintings with fishing wire so they looked as though they were suspended in the hull of this huge boat.”

Who influenced you most when you were younger?

“My mother. She allowed me to paint murals in my bedroom, so I acquired my creativity at a young age and it helped me to develop. I also love Picasso and hope to visit the museum in Malaga while I am here.”

What do you like to do when you are not painting?

“I love sport and exercise, particularly Yoga and Zumba. I am always doing something.”

You are also a prolific muralist?

“Murals allow me to develop different styles. I am also a volunteer with CISP and I teach children to paint murals. There are some amazing artists among these children. I have also done a number of fluorescent shows, painting a mural and showing it in normal light. The mural looks one way. Then, switching to black light which totally transforms the painting again.”

You are also supporting another very worthwhile charity, helping baby elephants who have been orphaned by poachers.

“Yes, this is a wonderful charity doing great work. You can sponsor them on line Click here for link We are also doing a sponsored climb of Mount Kenya between the 5th and 12th of September to help raise money and awareness for this cause.”

We wish you luck with that and hopefully you will tell us how you got on so we can let our followers know about it.

As you can see from the images below, the exhibition at Kasser Rassu is well worth a visit.

We are sure you will not be disappointed. The paintings are just stunning and captivating.

To see more of Alexandra’s work, check out her Website




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Alexandra Spyratos 003

Alexandra Spyratos 122


Alexandra Spyratos 002

Alexandra Spyratos 021

Alexandra Spyratos 020



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