Acuatlon in Marbella 2015

On Sunday 26 July, the Acuatlon returned to Marbella. In this event, competitors have to run 2.5 kilometres, swim 1,000 metres and then run another 2.5 kilometres. It is a sort of mini-triathlon without the bicycle ride.

Clearly, an ideal sport for Marbella when we are in the middle of a heatwave – a short run, a cool swim, another short run and a cold shower. Great!. The event was open to athletes of all levels, including veterans and children. As is usual with events like this in Marbella, there were plenty of competitors and the crowds turned out to support and cheer all of the participants. was of course there to provide images of the event. Check out our gallery. It’s just like being there.

Acualton July 2015 010

Acualton July 2015 035

Acualton July 2015 036

Acualton July 2015 007

Acualton July 2015 020

Acualton July 2015 039

Acualton July 2015 104

Acualton July 2015 082

Acualton July 2015 089

Acualton July 2015 178

Acualton July 2015 176

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