The Marbella Azul team

Just a few words to let you know something about us – Roz, Derek and our faithful puppy Brian.

Roz´s family bought a holiday home in Marbella in the late 1970s and that is when her love affair with Marbella began. Over the next two decades, she was a regular visitor and she watched Marbella evolve from a small town into a luxury brand. During this period, there were a huge number of improvements to the infrastructure of Marbella – the beautiful paseo, parks with tropical plants and flowers, fountains, statues and much, much more.

Our first visit to Marbella as a couple was Christmas 1997 – and that´s when I fell in love with Marbella too. Over the next few years, we visited Marbella twice yearly, usually in May and September – still our favourite months.

Roz James of
Roz James

In 2003, we decided to leave the UK and make Marbella our permanent home. We have lived in the centre of Marbella for the last 15 years. and we have never once regretted our decision to move here. Of course, the great weather helps. We love the beautiful blue sky, the wonderful light and sun all year round. It´s good for the soul.

For 10 years, we took time out – trying to learn the language and enjoying the festivals, celebrations and traditions of our new home. But, we were constantly being asked the same three questions by friends, residents and visitors. Where are the best places to visit? How do we find out what´s going on in Marbella? Why do we always hear about things after they have happened?

Roz & Derek James of
Roz & Derek James

They were right! It wasn´t easy to find out what was going on in Marbella. So, we decided to change all that. In October 2013, we decided to set up a website to provide information about Marbella. And, in January 2014, we launched with the byline “Everything you need to know about Marbella”.

Our aim is to make it the pre-eminent Marbella information website. And we would very much appreciate any help you can offer to help us achieve this goal.

Brian from

Derek, Roz & Brian