Black Carpenter Bees annual visitors to Marbella 2016

A Carpenter Bee in Marbella

Carpenter Bees are the large Black kind found here in Marbella. Not surprisingly, these bees get their name because they are known to make their nests by boring holes in wood.

They then use small amounts of wood chips to form partitions between the cells in which they lay their eggs. Small amounts of sawdust may be visible around nest sites, although old nest tunnels may be used.

Although they are solitary, with some species, females may live alongside their own sisters or daughters, thus forming a basic social group. Like other species, they will sting only if provoked, and are mostly interested in foraging and going about their business.

Males cannot sting. However, they are territorial, and it can come as a bit of a surprise if they seemingly fly at you! They seem to be attracted to you the more you waft your arms around.

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