5 Things that You Must Have in your Fitness Regime

Fitness goals tend to vary from person to person. Some may just want to decrease their body fat and keep themselves healthy or just happy. While others may be working out to get their biceps to be 20 inches, or run a mile in just 30 seconds. But whatever your goals are, you must have a plan.

Lack of a fitness regime is like taking a drive with no destination in mind. You just waste the fuel but don’t get anywhere. If it’s just a pass time, you’re fine. But if you seriously want to get somewhere with your fitness journey, you must have a proper, planned out roadmap. A proper routine can help you a lot in achieving some quick and great results with minimum efforts.

Though this routine may also vary as per your goals, there are certain things that everyone must keep in mind during their fitness journey. These can make your ride much easier and smoother. Let’s see what these things are.

Keep yourself Hydrated

“Drink more water.” We’ve heard this a lot of times. But seldom do we follow them. Drinking more and more water should be the first and foremost thing to be included in your fitness regime. 

Drinking a good amount of water can have a very positive impact on your life. Your hunger level, your concentration level, your ability to recover from a workout session, everything depends on how much water you consume.

Many times we replace water with some other drinks like soda, fruit juices, etc. While they may help you hydrate yourself, nothing can compare with a 100 percent pure water. 

Rest Days are Important

Make sure you are resting enough. Many underestimate the importance of a rest day in their health routine. They try to push themselves more and more, thinking that if they work hard, they will become stronger much quickly.

Yes, working hard makes you stronger. But not always. If you keep pushing yourself, even when your body is exhausted and unable to keep up, you’ll become even weaker. Because when you are exercising without letting your body recover from the previous sessions, instead of building the tissues, you are breaking them down even more. Doing this for long can even result in some harsh consequences, such as slow metabolism, muscle mass loss, weak immunity, etc.

Focus on Muscle Contraction and Form

Losing focus while exercising is very easy. But it’s very important to have a complete focus on the muscles that you are working on while exercising.

The mind plays a very important role in deciding what muscles are involved during any certain movements. So if you think of the target muscles during the workout, the chances of those muscles working become quite high.

Your form, too, is very important. If you are not using a proper form as you exercise, the chances are very high that you are not using your target muscle. An improper form may even increase the chances of you having an injury. 

Choose a Particular Goal

You may choose anything. But you should have at least one overall goal. While it’s nice to set an aesthetic goal that impacts your outer body, it’s also important to remember the effects of your workout on the inside.

The problem for a few people with an extrinsic goal is that once they have achieved it, they lose the motivation to continue what they started. But if you are also focusing to keep yourself overall fit and healthy, you keep on going. Making a list of all the long-term benefits that you can have by working out regularly can keep your mind and body stick to the routine. 

Add a New Activity to your Routine

Many times, a lot of us stick to a single set of exercises that we do every single day. And often we don’t have any problem with that because it has become a part of our lives now. But in some other cases, you may get bored of doing the same thing again and again. And for this very reason, you may break the routine.

Whatever be the case, you should try doing at least one new thing every month. Change the way you do the cardio, add a new training technique, or just go out and try something new like playing volleyball, etc.

A new activity will give you some new movement patterns to your muscles, reaping some better results out of your training.

Adding the right things in your plan is essential. And so, if you are starting your fitness journey now, or are even in the middle of it, the above five things can surely help you a lot to achieve what you desire. Just include these things in your fitness regime and stick to it, and you can never go wrong.