5 Food Trends That Came And Went Within This Decade

You have loved them, you have hated them but you have never ever managed to ignore them. The past decade has shown that food is no longer a single note, just about the taste venture (which is not easy). Instead, the visual aspects of food are just as important as the taste.

Just like everything else, there were trends in the food industry that exploded and then dies down at the exact same speed. Even food faces the issue of shifting trends. Out of the countless additions to the food world, we have identified the top 5 that made life interesting for a moment and then faded into oblivion.  

Since we are beginning a new decade, it is only fair to live these trends once again. It is a reflection of how easy it is to get noticed but how tough it is to retain this attention. So, the leading, not any more trends are the following. 

Unicorn Food

We will blame Starbucks for this one. ( you will see this is a recurring trend throughout this article.) 

The world lost its collective mind over the overly complicated order that became the latest nightmare plaguing barista’s.  If I give you the flavor profile, you will be as shocked as me to see the flavor profile.  The sweet and sour flavor is not very nice on paper either.

It was the beginning of the unicorn revolution. Now there are unicorn toasts, sandwiches, bagels, crepes, and every pastry you can imagine. It did work for a while. People went, Instagrammed it and then that was the end. It did not taste very nice and people went back to the brown cheaper, tastier version of the same. 

Cake Pops 

This one I’m actually sad about. These moist gooey treats first came in the year 2007 but actually gained prominence under the Starbucks banner and since then, you can see them everywhere. Or at least, at best could see them everywhere.

They started out at specialty bakeries but now you only see them at the dessert section of the supermarket. It is a classic case of fall from grace. 

The basic problem with cake pops is that they are just too sweet. They basically are scraps of cake with frosting on top. This is not the best taste for a lot of people. The taste just seems a little too thick. 

So, even though I like them, I see why they have to go now. 

Charcol Everything 

Remember all the food was suddenly space grey but still tasted pretty much the same? That was the power of charcoal. Aesthetically it is like eating dirt. 

Charcol came with the promise of better health. If you fellow alternate medicine then you would know that people eat small amounts of clay to detoxify themselves. This is great but let’s be honest. Dirt is dirt. 

Once a certain food catches public attention, other parties too suddenly have the same amount of interest in the food. In activated charcoal’s case, that party was the FDA. 

Suddenly this rising food trend had links to all kinds of gastrointestinal distress and also lessen the effect of medicine. Particularly birth control. The food is now banned and the activated charcoal you can eat is what you buy. 

Four Loko 

There is alcohol and then there is frat party alcohol and that my friends is what Four Loko. If you want to get drunk very very fast, then the drink of choice was Four Loko. 

It had a deadly combination of caffeine and alcohol and no matter how you pace yourself, you would get drunk. This was not even the good kind of a buzz. This was an all-out high. The kind where you are bound to forget everything barring your name. That too if you were lucky. 

It came in 2010 and died the same year after college students stared falling sick and some even dying because of the bender they went on with Four Loko. 

So, this is another trend that is not coming back anytime soon.

Casual Dining 

This does exist, just not in the way that it used to happen. Millennials and Gen Z are not the princess diary generation and don’t want to go an Applebees and hang out.

Chains like TGI Friday’s and Apple-bees have not evolved the way, say a McDonald has. Nobody wants to eat at a stodgy, average place where food isn’t all that great either. 

So, like a lot of other things millennials killed the old- school chains

Trends constantly keep evolving and Instagram might seem like a thing that highlights only pretty things. But, if the last decade has taught us something; it is that If you evolve you’ll be fine. Otherwise, the door is right there.