5 Best and Worst Food for Your Dental Health

5 Best and Worst Food for Your Dental Health

You are what you eat. If it’s true, then drinking and eating starchy or sugary food is a sure-shot way to develop bad habits and cavities. The little debris in these items is likely to stick in your teeth allowing acids to build up along the surface. So, eventually what you are eating is not going into your body for muscle mass development but to bacteria that promote tooth decay. 

Plaque is a thin, invincible, and sticky film of bacteria. It covers all the surfaces of teeth. When it comes in contact with sugar and starch, it triggers an inflammatory response. As a result, there is a breakdown in gums and bones. 

Some foods can cause tooth decay while others are good for your oral health. 

But, before we jump to the section discussing good and bad food, let’s quickly cover stages of tooth decay. 

Stages of Tooth decay

Stage #1 Demineralization 

There is an outer layer to your teeth that is called enamel. It is the hardest tissue in your body and is mostly formed up of minerals. So, when acid is produced by plaque bacteria, it slowly eats the mineral. As a result, you might start noticing white spots appear on your teeth. 

Stage #2 Decay 

The tooth decay starts just after the first stage and if it is allowed to continue then enamel will break down even further.  In such cases, the white spots darken to a brownish color. Once the enamel is weakened, small holes start to appear, they are called cavities. 

Stage #3 Dentin 

The tissue under the enamel is called dentin. They are very soft and even more sensitive to damage from acid. At this stage, the tooth decay process happens at a faster rate. You may notice this particularly when having hot or cold food or drinks. 

Stage #4 Pulp Damage 

Pulp is the innermost layer of your tooth and contains a variety of nerves as well as blood vessels. When it is damaged, this layer might start to swell. In the worst case, the pulp will expand to its max limits putting pressure on the nerves. Hence it starts to hurt. 

Stage #5 Tooth Abscess 

At this stage, tooth decay advances to the deep roots, bacteria starts to invade, and hence there is an infection. Because of it, there is increased inflammation in the tooth, and in the worst case, a pocket of pus forms at the bottom. 

The tooth abscess will cause a lot of pain. Generally, it is followed by other symptoms like swelling of gums, face, and fewer, etc. 

Best and Worst Food For Teeth

Best and Worst Food 

Best #1 Fiber-Rich Fruits

Fiber-rich food will help you to keep up your dental health by keeping the saliva flowing. Apart from your home remedies for oral health, fruits are your best natural defense against cavities. In about 20 minutes after you eat sugary and starch, your saliva level begins to reduce. The enzymes start attacking your teeth. 

Saliva helps in restoring minerals as it contains calcium and phosphate. 

Best #2 Dairy products 

Food items like cheese, milk, plain yogurt, etc are excellent saliva makers. The calcium and phosphates present in milk and cheese help rebalance the mineral your teeth might have lost and rebuild enamel. 

Best #3 Green tea

Both green and black teas contain polyphenols. These compounds interact directly with plaque bacteria either killing or simply holding back them. Therefore, preventing bacteria from growing any further. 

Best #4 Chewing gum 

Since saliva plays an important role, you can try sugarless chewing gum for oral health. It will remove food particles from your mouth. 

That said, it might help in strengthening jawbones as well.

Best #5 Fluoride

Food items containing fluoride, even drinking water help your teeth. They include powerful minerals which again help in re-balancing oral health. 

Now, the bad food items. 

Bad #1 Sticky candies

Perhaps you must know about it. If you eat sweets, then you have to clear out debris from your mouth as soon as possible. So, avoid lollipops and caramels. 

Bad #2 Starchy Food 

Both soft breads and potato chips can easily get trapped in between your teeth. When left uncleaned they might promote cavities.  

Bad #3 Soft Drinks 

Avoid carbonated drinks, they are one of the primary sources of cavities among kids, and teens. They are loaded with sugar, citric acid and phosphoric compounds. These compounds are bad for your enamel. 

Teeth Whitening 

Your smile is the first thing that people notice, no matter whether you are in office, at an event, or party. In most cases, because of dental issues, the teeth turn yellowish. In the worst case, they turn brownish and black. 

Teeth whitening is a treatment that helps you to restore the natural color of teeth. It is one of the popular cosmetic treatments for many people. It is a safe, life-enhancing process that gives you whiter teeth and confidence about your appearance. 

Today, there are best teeth whitening kit out there that can help you protect your teeth from harmful bacterias. 


It’s best to seek a licensed dentist’s help in the early stage of tooth decay. You may not experience the symptoms, but regular visits to your dentist are important. 

Tooth decay can affect your overall health. To avoid cavities and to restore a balance of minerals, eat fiber-rich fruits and avoid carbonated drinks. Also be careful and do not hop on every food trend that comes your way.

Lastly, you can use the best teeth whitening kit to restore your teeth’ color to its natural state.