5 At Home Date Ideas for New Couples That Are Better Than “Netflix and Chill”

5 At Home Date Ideas for New Couples That Are Better Than “Netflix and Chill”

Planning dates especially as a new couple is pretty challenging. After some time going out for dinners and long drives seems boring and you are left with nothing but netflix. Well, guess what, even netflix seems boring after a few movies. Reached that point already? Wish to try something new? Here are 5 date ideas that you can try.

Play Video Game

Why not? Your partner loves video games. Why can’t you just give it a try for them? Playing video games together as a couple can actually help you both understand the character and type of person your partner is. How he supports you, reacts under pressure, and solves problems. Play as a team and then against each other, it will be fun. Try these Minecraft Parkour Servers, they are trending and super fun. 

Drinks and Dance

Why bother going to a crowded bar when you both can enjoy together at home? Play some of your favorite beats and just dance your heart out, or maybe play a slow, romantic song and dance on that. You can always choose to copy the dance routine of an already choreographed song. Whatever suits you both the best, just don’t forget to get super drunk. After all, you both are inside your place, together, and you don’t even have to go anywhere. There is literally nothing that you need to worry about. Except, don’t drink so much that it affects your health. Lose your senses a little bit and let the alcohol and your moves do wonders.

Now that we are discussing dance, have you ever thought of giving your partner a sensual lap dance? Well, this is your chance. Surprise them with your moves.

Cook Dinner Together

If you both love cooking or at least would like to try something, there is nothing cozier than cooking and flirting. You can plan a cook off or have an intimate cooking session, with caution of course. Cook your favorite dish, it doesn’t have to be fancy. If you believe there is something you cook the best, show your partner your skills, if you want it to be simple, keep it simple. You are the boss here. Just spending some quality time in the kitchen, helping each other out can bring you both closer and who doesn’t like getting intimate in the kitchen, may be on the countertop later?

Know Each Other Better

You can choose to sit and ask each other questions. Ask your partner about their sexual fantasies, what they would like to do to you, how they see you, their embarrassing experinces in school or relationships, their career and future goals, or their travel plans. Anything and everything that you would want to know, ask them. You can even solve a couple’s quiz or use questions available online. There is a lot that you need to know about your person and there is always something that you feel like sharing as well. Maybe consider this time to get more candid and transparent about your opinions, thoughts, and fears. This will bring you both even closer.

Role Play

Well, what’s better than sex? Taking it to the next level. Try out role plays and do things your partner fantasizes about and surprise them by planning everything for them beforehand. You can introduce toys, dress up like their favorite celebrity for them, or make an extremely romantic setting if role play isn’t your thing but it is always a great idea to try things out. Who knows, maybe you end up liking them more than your partner? But please do not push yourself if you don’t feel comfortable.

There is a lot in sex alone that can be tried. Search what all you can do in bed and spice things up for the both of you.

If none of this intrigues you, you can always set up a restaurant style date at your own place and pretend like you are at some place fancy. Or make it a casual spa date, apply masks on each other’s face, give each other massage, have a pedicure together, and read horror or sex stories online.