5 Amazing Ways to Trick Your Child Into Eating Healthy

You will often find your kids negotiating chicken nuggets for vegetables and salads for macaroni. Yes, it happens all the time and only parents with kids will understand the battle they have to fight on the dinner table. In fact, sometimes dinner and lunch become the least favorite part of the day. You see, it is also important to get the right nutrition inside your child’s body. After all, nutritious food will help your kid become healthy and energetic. 

However, at times parents try to avoid the food battle and just open a packet of nuggets in front of their children. Which, in turn, is not a good thing for children’s overall health. So, what can you do to get the right nutrition into your kid’s system? Here are the top 5 ways to trick your child into eating healthy food. 

Provide your kid with choices 

Toddlers and older kids are not good with instructions. Especially the ones that are forced upon them. This is why it is best to establish a sense of independence among kids. This principle works quite well at dinner tables and you can apply it to other situations too. For instance, the choice between a bowl of cereal and sliced apples is not much, but your kids will feel involved if you let them decide what they want to have. 

And this is just one side of the story because you have to also make sure that you present them with healthy choices. As we all know that kids are good at fending for themselves. So, the idea is to get healthy food into your kid’s system by making them feel as though it was their idea. 

Let them fill their plate 

It is important to teach children to be independent and this trick is another way to let your children exercise their independence. You can let them take control of their plate and help them decide what they want to eat. This way your kids will automatically get interested in the food provided on the dinner table. Who knows, they might even end up trying food that you never imagined. 

Not only this, but a study says that kids are ready to add healthy food to their plate if you let them take control of their plate. It is an instinct that gives them a sense of responsibility and they tend to choose food which otherwise was never welcomed. 

Combine new food with healthy food items

Children often get attracted to new kinds of food. They are eager to find out how it tastes and probably end up taking a bite. But you have to keep in mind that while they are keen on trying new food, you mix some healthy vegetables and fruits in it. In fact, this trick will help them from becoming picky and choosy in the near future. 

how to make your kids eat at home

Also, if you feel that your kid is reluctant to try new foods or does not like the taste of new food items, you can simply pair that food item with something your child enjoys eating. For instance, make a good vegetable roll and then add their favorite sauce to it or just fill mac and cheese with broccoli – something children always detest. 

Make smart snacks 

There are several ways to turn boring food into interesting meals. One of them is termed as snacks. But the main question is how do you make healthy snacks. First and foremost, you have to make sure that you keep the snack portion small and feed them with snacks on the weekends or a maximum of three times in a week. 

Now, let’s see how can you make snacks eating healthy. Start by giving them the impression that the snack does not mean cheese balls but celery sticks with hummus. If you make healthy snacks at home regularly, your kids will get into the habit of eating healthy snacks. You can also try making whole grain cheese crackers at home or salted popcorn to inculcate healthy food habits from the beginning. 

Involve your kids while cooking 

Children are more likely to give healthy food a try if you involve them during the cooking process. As they perform little tasks like mixing the salad or stirring the bowl, they will see how a dish is prepared. Not only this but they will also appreciate the efforts incorporated in preparing a dish. Overall they will understand how vital it is to eat a dish that is prepared with hard work, love, and enthusiasm. So, ensure that you include your child while preparing dinner or lunch.