4 of the Most Haunting Episodes of Netflix’s Black Mirror

4 of the Most Haunting Episodes of Netflix’s Black Mirror

Anthologies are a dying trend and the ones that are made do not amount to much with their execution. That’s where Charlie Brooker’s “Black Mirror” takes the scene and sweeps everyone off their feet. Riddled with dark humour and the possibly incriminating and gut wrenching use of technology, the series is a piece of poetic art. Granted that the themes depicted and the stories told can be politically groundbreaking, the inevitable possibility of these “futuristic devices” is more than enough to hook us beyond measure. One future that seems very true and real is that of CBD and delta 8. Visit Observer to be updated about the same. 

The creator of the show Charlie Brooker mentioned that it was in no intention of his to demonise the use of technology. He suggested that he had created a cautionary tale, something that can happen in the foreseeable future. A new source of crazy, potentially disastrous technology comes up each episode that brings about new questions about where we as a society are heading. With themes like nihilism, dystopian future and Political satires, Black Mirror is indeed  a dark reflection of who we are becoming. 

White Bear

This episode will make you almost fear anyone recording something on the streets. The episode that gives the vibe of “what is going on?” from the get go, White Bear is probably one of the most gruesome depictions of what can be a reality. Brooker goes deep with this story from the second episode in the second series. 

A woman wakes up with no recollection of her past and tries to fend off people attacking her, while the others whip out their phones to record the scene. This has an episode ending that no one was prepared for, as the woman running away and dodging the attackers faces an ugly truth from her past. The episode tackles the criminal justice system and how it can be affected by technological advancements. 

Shut up and Dance 

The seemingly innocent looking Kenny has a lot of secrets on his laptop that he does not want to reveal. After his sister riddles his laptop with malware, he downloads an anti-malware trojan which gives access to his laptop to a hacker. Kenny is then blackmailed by the hacker after he records Kenny masturbating. He is asked to commit acts against the law and gets tagged with another person involved in a similar situation. Themes of revenge porn, sexual abuse and racisim follow the lives of many, who like Kenny are trapped in a seemingly inescapable online trap. 

White Christmas

This 2014 special from Netflix starred Jon Hamm and Rafe Spall who gave an incredible performance. “White Christmas” has so many aspects, so many lives involved, that you don’t feel like getting away from it. Issues of cyber stalking, surveillance, social media, surrounding themes of artificial intelligence and technological dependence are shown in clear deference to how we imagine them to be. The narration and a seemingly twisted end left everyone haunted as to how a conversation between two men and their regrets turned into a story filled with blood and tears. 


After the death of his father, Cooper decides to travel the world, unbothered by the constant calling from his mother. He reaches London and after a night with a journalist, he falls victim to identity theft. SaitoGemu is offering a huge payover to those willing to try an experimental game. As he seems increasingly suspicious, he switches his phone on to take pictures of the place in secret. He begins the virtual reality test and instantly regrets the decision as everything is very real and he is supposed to be fighting for his life. 

After numerous attempts to leave the game, he finally wakes up at the office he first entered. Apparently the time elapsed was only 1 second in real time and Cooper goes back home to meet his mother. To his horror his mother is repeatedly calling his number and it is revealed that Cooper died of brain damage 0.04 seconds after the device was attached to him, because his mother had called him.