A year in the life of a Marbelli (Week 52)

Leap year! February 29th – Traditionally the day that girls can propose to their partners. It really is such a romantic tradition and as I look across at my gorgeous chosen one snoring beside me, I think back to our engagement and automatically that sweet tune always pops into my head – “If I could turn back time!”

Anyway enough reminiscing and back onto what I’ve been doing this week! Whilst Tasha is travelling around Australia with her best friend Hannah, (by the way thank you for the photos Tash, both photos really have given me a very informative image of what Australia looks like!!

Anna 52 1

Anna 52 2

Down here on the coast, Hilton and I have been doing our own bit of travelling – Gibraltar!

For my sins, I decided to take Hilton and his school mates to the bowling in the Kings Bastion centre and spend the afternoon with some friends. Although we have been before, going with a group seemed more fun and enabled us to play in teams. The ride down didn’t go quite as smoothly as I had hoped when two of the boys checked their passports in the car and realised they had both expired last year, but we managed to get through the border– must be my trustworthy face!!

The old fortress has been beautifully converted whilst retaining its historic milieu. Although not the largest leisure centre I’ve visited, there was still plenty of variety that kept us entertained all afternoon, with a cinema, bowling alley, indoor ice-skating rink and various alcoves with pool tables, arcade games and themed areas.

Anna 52 3

The bowling alley is on the lower floor with each section laid out with a bar table for drinks and food.

Anna 52 4

Anna 52 5

I managed to sneak off half way through and do my usual shopping at Morrisons, I must speak to someone with authority in Gibraltar and push the Waitrose idea – Oh how I miss that supermarket!

This week I also had to endure the dreaded Parents teacher meeting at Hiltons school. I get so nervous when I have to attend these “one to one” chats with all his teachers, listening to those dreaded words “He could do so much better if he concentrated” whilst passing me a side wards glance as they spurt out the dreaded words that every mum fears “…..and do his homework!” – That’s it, I’ve been caught not doing my mummy job!

So by the looks of it, we are both grounded this weekend. Hilton with pen and paper in front of him and me…..well at least I can still treat myself; lent isn’t over yet!!

Anyway, bye for now and I hope you enjoyed my blog “A Year in the life of a Marbelli”. 52 weeks seems to have passed very quickly, but I will be back soon with more Marbella life, new adventures, family life down here and of course my adoring darling husband!

Thank you so much for all the support and shares over the last year, I hope you enjoyed my family life living on the Costa del Sol.

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