What to do if you are involved in a traffic accident

If you are involved in a traffic accident in Spain, it is extremely important to ensure that:

  • You obtain details as follows: the licence plate of the other vehicle, the driver’s name, their NIF/NIE number and the name of their insurance company.
  • You complete your insurance form – which should be carried at all times. This will help you to record all the relevant information. It also includes an area for you to draw a picture of what happened.
  • If you are driving a hire car, provide details of the car hire company and their telephone number.
  • If you need an ambulance, you call 112.
  • If the car is not driveable, check whether or not your insurance policy includes roadside assistance. If it does, telephone for a breakdown truck (“Grua”) to take your car to the nearest garage or to your destination.
  • At the earliest opportunity, call the insurance company or the agent. They will guide you through the claims policy.

There is no specific requirement to inform the police, but you can do if you wish.

Keep calm! Do not say too much! Make notes in case you need to make a defence or mount a legal action.

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