Tiendanimal & Casual Hoteles Chain offer pet friendly hotels

Tiendanimal, one of the largest pet product suppliers in Spain, has made an agreement with the Spanish hotel chain Casual Hoteles offering a service to travelers staying in their establishments with pets and becoming the first pet friendly hotel chain.

With the arrival of summer, animal lovers usually find it difficult to travel with their pets and many have to give up their ideal holiday model. Casual Hoteles will pioneer this arrangement in eight establishments in Madrid, Valencia, Seville and Bilbao. They are adapting their facilities thanks to contributions of furniture and amenities such as beds, food bowls, drinking fountains, portable waterers and welcome snacks to make pets feel at home.

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“The agreement with Casual Hoteles fills us with satisfaction and allows us to help people to enjoy their vacation with their pets, with the usual amenities. We are a company where love for pets is part of our DNA and we actively work to contribute to the awareness and support for a wider range of accommodation. We aim to be pet friendly in our country.” said Rafael Martínez Avial, CEO of Tiendanimal.

The agreement with Casual Hoteles is integrated into Tiendanimal’s #nosinmimascota campaign, which seeks to end the abandonment of pets in the holiday season or at any time of year. According to data provided by the National Association of Friends of Animals (ANAA), about 200,000 pets are abandoned every year in Spain.

As part of the campaign, Tiendanimal will be encouraging people to share pictures of their pets on holiday, showing that the best family plans are made with your pets. In addition, Tiendanimal will be issuing a video to raise public awareness of animal abandonment.

This commitment to help animals and end abandonment is such that its Honorary President Pamela is a cat, She was abandoned and, since 2006, she lives in Tiendanimal’s office. She never lacks food, water, toys and a bed and she can wander freely around the building.

Casual Hoteles theme their rooms with art, music, theatre and much more. The chain began in Valencia and their mission was to provide unique and original accommodation, with rooms themed around music, art, vintage culture, literature, cinema, etc.

Located in the centre of cities, they seek to help clients enjoy the facilities at a very affordable price. Currently, they have five in Valencia and one in Madrid, Seville and Bilbao.

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