Marbella 4Days Walking 2017

Marbella 4Days Walking 2017 from 12 – 15 October

….. Marbella 4Days Walking 2017 12 -15 octubre

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The Terrazas del Puerto Deportivo will be the starting point for the 20 and 30 kilometre routes through the city and along the beach. On the final day, you will walk the Via Gladiolo (the Roman symbol for victory) back to the Terrazas del Puerto Deportivo where you will no doubt be welcomed with loud cheers.

You can participate on all four days, but it is also possible to choose days that suit you. In short, a perfect opportunity for a holiday! Daily walks start between 9.00 and 9.30 (30km walks may start at 8.30) and the walkers should be back in Marbella before 16.30.

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Marbella 4Days Walking

Marbella 4Days Walking is an annual event which has become a firm favourite with Marbellis and visitors from right across Europe. Every year, the number of participants increases. Here, we provide details and images of recent events.

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