Specsavers supporting kids to get back to school with clear vision

Specsavers Opticas are committed to helping people of all ages to see clearly and keep their eyes healthy. This is why, in time for the back to school rush, they are offering kids’ eye tests for free throughout September and each store is donating 10 pairs of glasses to their local school or charity.

Amrik Sappal from Specsavers Opticas Fuengirola explains, “Getting prepared for the start of the new term is busy and expensive and we’re aware that parents aren’t finding the time or money to get their kids’ eyes tested before they go back to school. We wanted to offer these free eye tests to encourage everyone to come in and make sure their kids are seeing clearly and that their eyes are healthy. It is particularly important with children, as it can be tough for them to explain their visual problems and if they go undiagnosed they can affect their performance at school and their general development.”

Going back to school is a very expensive time for parents, with books, materials, new shoes and bags to buy, so the prospect of having to spend money on glasses can be worrying for parents. To help parents, each store is also donating ten pairs of children’s glasses to their chosen school or charity, so that 80 children will be able to see more clearly this year.

Specsavers Opticas in Marbella and Fuengirola will be donating glasses to their local schools, so that the teachers can choose those families most in need of this support. Nerea Galdos from the Marbella store commented, “As part of our commitment to our community and our ten-year anniversary, we’re donating ten pairs of glasses to the Vincente Alexandre bilingual school. We are really pleased to be able to help these children to perform better and hope everyone has an excellent term.”
Visit www.specsavers.es to make an appointment for the free back to school eye tests.

Here are some simple tips you can teach your child so they are aware of potential hazards to their sight –
1. Never poke things into your eyes, not even fingers.
2. Never play with strong chemicals, like washing-up liquid, washing powder or bleach. Getting these in your eyes can be very dangerous.
3. Never throw sand or dirt in anyone’s face.
4. Never look straight at the sun – not even through dark glasses. The bright light from the sun can burn your retina.
5. If an optician suggests you need to wear glasses – wear them!
6. Always wear sunglasses which block out the sun’s harmful rays in bright sunshine.
7. Always wear safety glasses when you handle harmful substances.

As well as helping children to protect their eyes, identifying any problems with your child’s eyesight is very important in their early years. Poor vision can effect social and educational development throughout their whole life if the problem goes undetected, so it’s vital to take them for regular tests from the age of 3. Look out for signs such as sitting too close to the TV, rubbing their eyes or complaining of headaches, which can indicate there’s a problem. If you see any of these signs, take them for a test right away. Full eye tests are free at Specsavers Opticas for all children under 16 years throughout September, and they don’t need to be able to read to have one.”

Issued by Shaw Marketing Services on behalf of Specsavers Opticas

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