Sonrisa Studios Marbella

Sonrisa Studios is a wonderful space created and run by the owner Sherry Midas. It is located right in the centre of Marbella, on the corner of the new underground car park in Calle Notario Luis Oliver.

Sherry says “We want to provide a theatre group offering plays throughout the year for different nationalities that include comedy and dance – review shows just like the ones we used to enjoy years ago.” Sherry has lots of other great ideas for the future, including dinner shows in local hotels with jazz and flamenco. She also wants to show short films and adult storytelling. A previous one was a sell out.

Sherry believes very strongly that this is a space for the community, particularly for local women who want to work part time in this industry and help out with costumes, tickets, etc. She has a creche on site to help look after the children while ‘Mum’ gets involved.

Sonrisa studios currently offers language teaching, dance/film classes and handycrafts for adults and children, food demonstrations and a ‘better you club’ offering a range of therapies from yoga to healing.

So, why not pop along to find out how you can get involved.

You will find details of Sonrisa events in our “Events” section.

Sonrisa Studios – Theatre & Film Company
Calle Notario Luis Oliver, 29600 Marbella
Tel. +34 695 370 141 or +34 952 772 024

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