Selected opens store in Puerto Banús

Selected has chosen Puerto Banús to be the site of their first establishment in Marbella. This Thursday 7 July the official opening of their shop, located at Calle Levante 9-13 (next to the port exit), will commence at 21.00. Where attendees can enjoy some aperitifs and beverages as well as a 40% discount off the available items of clothing, that will be on display through-out the night.

Despite also having a women´s range, Spain currently boasts the pride and joy of SELECTED clothing through their SELECTED HOMME range.  Aimed at lovers of fashion, the range is featured in their high quality innovative stores made with materials and patterns that are held together by faultless seams. Three different collections are in this line, highlighting the focus to offer men the widest variety of garments to ensure that at any moment of their life they feel satisfied with the way they look/dress.

Selected has successfully established itself in 27 countries with more than 38 stores and 1800 dealerships worldwide.

During 2015 Selected made a special agreement with the actor Antonio Banderas to design his own Selected line of products. The focus would be on more cosmopolitan and elegant males looking for a special outfit for every occasion. From denim trousers to suits all tailored to the highest quality, Banderas has designed a variety of garments alongside the company´s team, to serve every moment within a man´s life. Prices have been targeted to be accessible for all, whilst ensuring that a unparalleled quality is maintained in all of the products.

Marie Noëlle Comunicación
Images supplied by Marie Noëlle Comunicación

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