How to register a vehicle in Spain

Registration document and Spanish licence plates

Registering a vehicle from another country in Spain is a complex and potentially costly procedure. You may be exempt from Spanish registration tax if you obtain Spanish number plates within one month of entering the country, but you will have to become a resident.

Certificate of conformity

You will need to obtain a certificate of conformity – a statement from  the vehicle’s manufacturer confirming that it conforms to EU regulations. Charges will vary, depending on the type of vehicle, the manufacturer and the country of first registration. You will need the vehicle’s chassis number to complete this straightforward process on-line:

Log book

You will also need the vehicle’s original log book showing your name as the owner, the vehicle’s age and a valid address. You will also need to provide proof of purchase.

Spanish residency

A Spanish residency certificate (Certificado de Empadronamiento) is your official proof of residency in Spain. You can obtain this from the ayuntamiento (town hall). You will need your passport and proof of Spanish address (rental contract, contract to purchase or property deeds).

Spanish MOT certificate

Vehicles over four years old must be roadworthy and clearly display a valid ITV (Vehicle Technical Inspection) sticker. The vehicle must have been tested at an authorised centre. You can locate your nearest ITV centre on the DGT website.

Spanish tax disc

You can obtain a tax disc from the Spanish Tax Agency. This must be carried in the car at all times. You will need to complete the relevant form on-line and pay the amount according to your car’s tax band.

You can carry out all of these procedures yourself or you can seek the assistance of a gestor.

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