The Princess Diaries by Joy Fahey (7)

The Princess Diaries

What Happened?

I arrived today to what seemed like a different household, everyone was around, the Princess already at her easel, the baby playing with mother and father on the big rug on the terrace, the servants buzzing around, everyone chatting and laughing, what had happened?

As I was embraced into this happy throng I found out the Prince had gone away for a week to visit his uncle. Wow is this what happens when the ‘man of the house’ goes away?

The change in atmosphere was almost tangible; it was like a real celebration, being allowed to let down your hair and have fun. It was really quite extraordinary. ‘While the ‘cats’ away the mice will play!’ And this certainly was playful, relaxed and happy!

Despite the fact that the Prince is a very charming, interesting and kind man, I obviously hadn’t realized the inherent power and control he has over his family. Now he wasn’t there everyone had relaxed a bit and had some freedom to just be themselves.

The Princess had finished another painting she’d been experimenting with. At first glance it looked like the London Underground map! however it spoke a thousand words to me.

It is like a map of ideas trying to flow, then being blocked, but then pushing outwards in colourful drippings, finding their way and a path to follow. It’s fascinating; it explained the whole scenario to me.

Creativity searching for a way to express itself and despite it all, the paint flows, the colours merge, it’s really quite a dynamic painting.

The wonderful thing about art is it allows you to freely express your emotions; Imagine the feeling of creating something unique and special that comes from deep inside you that you never even knew was there!

Painting allows you to discover something about yourself that you can’t access in any other way, your deep seated feelings rise to the surface in such a subtle way, hidden in shapes and colour it opens you up to yourself quite miraculously. It’s really quite a magical process that has a profound effect on making you feel happy!

The insight it can give you about yourself, the relief and joy of releasing is a profound experience, that is my passion to share and show students it’s great value.

For myself and my own work in a way it’s my own therapy and release of ‘stuff’ that rumbles away in the subconscious. For example if you look at this painting:


in comparison to this.


It’s easy to see the difference in energy and feeling.

The first painting I did after a difficult conversation with my son! I had felt quite upset, funny how kids can do that to you isn’t it! I had to let out my emotions somehow and this very passionate piece says it all really doesn’t it!

On the other hand the calm blue painting was done when I was deep in contemplation and thinking some things through. You can more or less see your mind having thoughts and exploring possibilities!

This is the interesting thing about Abstract Art; it can resonate with your emotions, some you’ll love and some you won’t, depending how you are feeling.

Some clients who buy my work just completely identify with a picture and it becomes a ‘must have’! Something moves them, whether they love the colour or the shapes they see, or just the feeling and recognition of an emotion. It’s always so interesting and what I personally love about teaching and painting Abstract Art.

Today gave me a whole new dimension of what life is like for the women of Saudi Arabia. What was so heartening was to see such happiness and fun flowing as well as some interesting pictures!

I’m looking forward to tomorrow and to see what new delights there will be!

Joy Fahey ‘Where Art and Life Meet’

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