Phys-Yoga – what on earth is that?

Phys-Yoga for better breathing. What on earth is that?

Well I´m not surprised if you´ve not heard the term before, it´s a bit of a made up hybrid really. What you will know, especially if you read any of my blogs, is that respiratory physiotherapy can be a very effective way of helping people with chronic lung conditions breathe better, feel less breathless, perform more activity and have fewer chest infections. And as you will know, that´s my area of interest. But it´s not just respiratory physios who focus on the breathing, correct breathing is of course crucial in yoga. In classic yoga texts the term Prana refers to the most powerful and creative thing God ever created, out of Prana came life. Because this energy permeates everything in life Prana is considered the breath of life and Pranayama refers to the regulation of the breath through certain exercises and techniques.

Well I learnt this and more whilst sharing a few vinos with my friend Sally Lines who is a specialised yoga instructor for people with ill health. And lo and behold we found an awful lot in common between physiotherapy for breathing problems and yoga. So we coined the phrase Phys- Yoga. The philosophy and rationale behind our approaches may differ but essentially many of our techniques are similar and the aim, to enable better breathing for life, is definitely a united vision.

As with yoga breathing physiotherapists empathise the importance of using the nose as part of the respiratory system. There is even a specific yoga asana (technique) to encourage this – The Nadi Shodhan Pranayama. And like yoga, we emphasise the importance of full exhalation in order to improve oxygen distribution. Physiotherapists target their techniques specifically to pathology, for instance we may teach people with asthma to slow their breath or people with COPD to practice controlled breathing. But we also understand that good breathing is essential for everyone and the consequences of erratic, shallow or fast breathing can be quite considerable.

So after a few more vinos, Sally and I decided to join forces and offer a unique combined Phys-Yoga approach in the format of 3 hourly workshops. There will be education – from a physiotherapy and Yoga perspective, the teaching of practical physio and yoga techniques to improve breathing and relaxation, and of course – a lot of fun – maybe even a vino or two!


So if you have a respiratory illness and want to learn more, or want to manage stress better or just simply learn more about better breathing please come and join us in our first work-shop Thursday 29th September at the fabulous wellness centre El Campanario del Paraiso.

Please call me 652281165, email or visit my face book page “BetterBreathingforLife@rachelgarrodphysio” for more information or to book a space.

Stay Healthy
Respiratory Physiotherapist
Colegio de Fisioterapeutas (6968)
M.Sc Post. Grad. Dip. Physiotherapy. PGC Teaching and Learning

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