New Gourmet Market for Marbella’s town centre

José Bernal, the mayor of Marbella, attended the presentation of the corporate image and the winning project for the design of the Gourmet Market Abastos & Viandas organized by Grupo Alfil.

The Mayor was accompanied by the president of the Grupo Alfil, Francisco Gomez, and  epresentatives of Fajardo + T10 Architects, Emilio Fajardo and Jose Luis Perez – the winners of project. He stressed the importance of this initiative “for the revitalization of the city centre along with its image and creation of employment.”

The new Gourmet Market will be located at Edificio Alfil, which in on Avenida Ricardo Soriano (just after Springfield) on the ground floor. It is approximately 470 square metres and has three entrances – one in Avenida Ricardo Soriano, one in Alonzo de Bazan and the third in Padre Joaquin Belón.

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Infographs: Fajardo+T10 Arquitectos

The aim of the project is to develop an architecturally pleasing frontage and interior with a mix of modern and tradition in the decoration – a mix of new and old. To value the tradition and history of Marbella, Francisco Gomez announced that the market’s theme is “for all lovers of good food and the city of Marbella”, which sums up the spriit of the market.

The market revolves around the idea of a town square with a large open space and stalls set around the perimeter where people can buy products to eat there or take home. There will also be elements defining the history of Marbella including reproductions of the mosaics from the Villa Romana at Rio Verde and images of the Venus.

The architecture will be of an Andalucian village, with plenty of pots with colourful flowers on white walls as a dedication to the Old Town. Marbella’s industrial past will also be reflected, with curious object such a a typical mining wagon. There will also be features commemorating Ricardo Soriano, who gave his name to the main street. He was an inventor and he had a vital role in the introduction of tourism to Marbella.

The market will be a wonderful addition to the centre of Marbella and will be completed by the end of November 2016

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