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Kunsthaus Berlin

Pol. La Nueva Campana, Nueva Andalucía, 29670 Marbella
Tel: +34 951 319 940
Opening Times: Mon – Fri 12.00 – 19.30
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The Kunsthaus Berlin Cultural Centre for Contemporary Art in Marbella opened in 1994. This is a large, light and unique space hosting art from around the world – a performance space where art is alive in contemporary society and continues its evolution.

The mission of Kunsthaus Berlin is to support artistic approaches in an innovative environment by offering public exhibitions, lectures, films and everything art. They are looking to make available and cultivate international visionary and historically significant artists. They support artists working in new and challenging forms who are likely to impact contemporary art and culture. With the support of specialist curators and leading intellectuals in this field, they seek to present these artists and therefore accelerate their influences and value in the market.

The Cultural Centre provides the perfect environment for artistic expression in all disciplines. We would recommend a visit to the Kunstaus Berlin in Marbella to enjoy the artists on offer. As you will see from some of the pictures below, it has much to offer.




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Kunsthaus Berlin

Pol. La Nueva Campana, Nueva Andalucía, 29670 Marbella