Museo del Grabado in Marbella re-opens

The Museo del Grabado Español Contemporáneo in Marbella’s Old Town has re-opened its doors to the public.

At an official re-opening ceremony on Wednesday 29 June, friends of the Museo del Grabado and members of the press including went along to show their support.

The Museo del Grabado has been closed since July 2015 for extensive renovation and improvement. But, due to the age of the next door building which will house the extension, more extensive surveying is required. This would of course delay the re opening date substantially and a decision has therefore been made by the board to re-open.

We were all welcomed by Germán Miguel Borrachero and there were a few words from the Mayor of Marbella José Bernal.

Museo del Grabado (11)

There have been a few changes to the Museum as follows:

There is a steel sculpture by Eduardo Chillida in the entrance hall. On the walls of the 16th century Bazán Hospital Chapel, there are works by Antoni Clavé, Josep Guinovart, Antoni Tápies, Joan Miró, Luis Gordillo, Eduardo Chillida, Pablo Palazuelo, Fernando Zóbel, Lucio Muñoz and José Caballero.

Room 1: Photographic images.

Room 2: Transferred images – transferring photographs to graphic prints.

Rooms 3 & 5: Abstract Expressionism. Room 3 is the architectural heart of the Museum and it has prints highlighting the importance of large formats. Room 5 has an exhibition of calligraphies.

Room 4: Figurative expressionism.

Vilató Room: This room shows the environment we share – the dreaming air of New York by Eduardo Naranjo, the crowd in the subways by Juan Genovés, totemic and static architectural skyscrapers by Javier Aranguren against the fluidity of lights by Aurea Muñoz, the urban crowd of avenues by Garcia de Cubas versus the flamboyant illumination carried by the lonely character by Bernadi Roig.

We are delighted to see this wonderful museum open to the visitors and residents of Marbella again.

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