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“Cooking with love” is the motto of Meson Casa Orta, but that’s the understatement of the year. When you step foot inside this bar, nestled in a quaint side street in Estepona, you are immediately transported into the heart of Andalucía by the family photographs, flying fish, lobsters, fishing nets, paintings and pottery that adorn the ceilings and walls. The array and selection of tapas, fresh boletus mushrooms, peppers and olives will make your mouth water and you won’t be disappointed. Owner and Chef Diego watches over his clients and every last detail of every dish with the same love and dedication he has watched over his family since but a child himself.

Meson Casa Orta

Diego Amuedo

Diego Amuedo – Owner & Chef

Growing up in the countryside of a very different Spain, Diego was one of seven children and the first to go to school instead of working in the fields. Thanks to his parents being appointed as caretakers of a prominent Cortijo when he was five meant Diego would leave his family and live with his aunt in the capital city of Seville to have what his older siblings hadn’t; an education.

By the age of 15 Diego was ready to put what he’d learnt into practice but not from his school books, rather the gastronomic flair he’d picked up from his grandmother and aunt with whom he shared a passion for cooking. Even during his obligatory 18 months in the Military service Diego found himself in the kitchen, first as cook in the army and then as Chef for the top-ranking Navy officers who preferred “dining with Diego”.

A lifetime of flavours welcomes you at Meson Casa Orta with its incomparable menu, featuring snails in an almond and boletus mushroom sauce, pickled aubergines, pigs trotter stew, oxtail, tripe with chickpea, clams, the most amazing ham or salmon croquettes to mention but a few; all home made and all made with a love you can truly taste; they are true to their word.

Even if you don’t live in the area it’s still worth making the trip to one of the most typical Andalucian restaurants that you can find, located in Calle Rocio Jurado in Estepona (corner Calle Lozano), open daily for lunch and dinner, except Tuesdays.

No matter when you go, you’ll always get a warm, family welcome from Diego, his wife Francisca and their daughter Desiré. Diego also has two other children who have started their own family businesses and a brother who is one of the most famous Flamenco singer-songwriters in Spain; but that’s another story!

Mesón Casa Orta, Calle Rocío Jurado, Estepona

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