Marbella Now Programme 47

Marbella Now Programme 47
8 October 2015

This is probably our most ambitious programme so far, great reports from The Bodyworks Clinic with ‎Estelle‬, a visit to Les Roches International School of Hotel Management, another lovely day at ‎Asucar Beach‬ with guests including ‎Unique Marbella‬’s Marie and Facundo, and our regulars ‎In The Doghouse DTC‬, ‎Citizens Advice Bureau Spain‬ & ‎Rick Brondum‬ with ‎Marbellís Around The World‬ and make sure you get to be where you want to be by checking out our What’s On over the next few days with Marbella Azul’s Roz James and ‎Brian.

Marbella Now 47 141

Marbella Now 47 178

Marbella Now 47 118

Marbella Now 47 048

Marbella Now 47 019

Marbella Now 47 088

Marbella Now 47 070

Marbella Now 47 102

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