Marbella Now Programme 39

Marbella Now Programme 39
13 August 2015

This week includes:

Jesús Lopez, Yasmin & Mona from the Gran Meliá Don Pepe start the show followed by great interviews with Planet Marbella’s Giles Brown and Enjoy Golf Marbella.

There is a report from Jan Weima of Triple A on the Anti-Bullfighting Protest held in Marbella. ‬ Miguel Angel Diaz, head of RTVMarbella, announced that the station would no longer re-transmit or support any event or sport cruel to animals – which obviously includes bullfighting. This must be a big blow to the many fans and supporters but, in my humble opinion, it’s a great step forward for humanity.

Lidia Avivar, Inspector of Cuerpo Nacional de Policía, España discusses an award from the UK Government..

Kids’ Talent introduced by Arseniy Kobylyanskiy.

In the Doghouse DTC.

Roz James of with what’s going on in Marbella.

Antonio Banderas and the Grigori leps concert.

Rick Brondum reporting from the USA.

It’s amazing how much you can get into 1 hour!!!

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