Marbella Feria opening ceremony 2016

Everyone in Marbella has really been looking forward to this year’s feria because, after a few years away, the daytime events have returned to the centre of town. Early on Monday evening, José Bernal Gutiérrez, the mayor of Marbella, joined other councillors at the feria ground next to the La Cañada shopping centre to officially open the feria by cutting the ribbon. were as usual at the main event taking place on the terraces of the Puerto Deportivo in the centre of town where a specially erected stage and hundreds of seats had been arranged for an enthusiatic audience.

Marbella Feria Opening (6)

The mayor arrived just after 22.00 and the RTV Marbella presenter Roberto Caballero took to the stage to welcome everyone and introduce the girls from the Maribel Urbano dance academy – all dressed in bright pink feria dresses.

Marbella Feria Opening (20)

Roberto Caballero then introduced Rafael de la Fuente, a former director of Los Monteros and prominent supporter of tourism, who first came to Marbella in 1964. His speech included comments from Marbella’s pioneer days right up to the present day.

He thanked Marbella’s patron Saint San Bernabé for so many things, including giving all his wealth to the poor and his love of books. He told us Marbella is young and old at the same time. And we have no limits or boundaries. It is a city where many cultures and beliefs live side by side in peace through respect. This is what makes Marbella unique. He ended his speech to raptuous applause with “Viva San Bernabé! Viva Marbella! Viva Andalucía! and Viva España!”.

The Mayor then presented him with a plaque to commemorate the opening of the feria.

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Roberto Caballero then introduced the Reinas and Damas Juveniles (Queens and Ladies) and Miss Simpatia. This is really important for all those chosen back in April. They were escorted onto the stage by young men and presented with a sash and flowers by the mayor. The queens were also given crowns.

Marbella Feria Opening (121)Marbella Feria Opening (170)Marbella Feria Opening (141)

Then came the election of the Reina Popular. Victoria Figueredo was clearly very surprised as she stepped up to the stage to receive her sash and crown.

Marbella Feria Opening (196)Marbella Feria Opening (206)

The Mayor then wished everyone a happy and joyous feria and ended with “‘Viva Marbella!, Viva Feria!

The fireworks began on cue and they seemed even louder than they usually were!

We are sure everyone will enjoy this year’s feria – fun, music, beautiful dresses, dancing and a great atmosphere!

We certainly will!!!

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